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Eleven Years

on September 11, 2012


Eleven Years
Since the day when we were shocked into an awakening.

Eleven years
Since we were made aware of our mortality.

Eleven years
Since time stood still and our lives froze as we watched so many suffer.

Eleven years since heroes were born and shared the last breath they had so that one other life may go on.

Eleven years
Strength and struggle,
Triumph over death.

We are stronger and have a thicker skin.

We will not forget the pain and sadness
But we are not still in that place.

We have forged ahead.

“You can’t take our fight.
You can’t take our perseverance.
We do stand strong together!”

Prayer at the heart of it all.

God joining our men and women and somebodies child,
As they protect and serve and
Yes, sometimes die.
For us.
With honor.
To move on to an everlasting joy.

Eleven years later.
Lessons have been learned.
Hurts still being healed.
Holes never filled.

And still…
Grace and God and goodness.
Love taking up the space of hate.

As much bad there
Is and was,
Love is and was there.

Eleven years.
And still we move on.


3 responses to “Eleven Years

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