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The Most Delectable Store

on September 24, 2012

I notice that so many bloggers have pictures of food they make from scratch.
I am not an adventurous cook and don’t often have my own recipes.
(ok I have no kitchen creations of my own)

But I will continue to share my favorite
Store bought goodies from time to time.


This is one of my favorite treats from
Dean & Deluca!

Cinnamon Babka.

The closest store is about 2 1/2 hours away.
Thank God!
So when I visit my brother and sister-in-law, (who happen to be within 15 minutes of this amazing store), I try to stop in.

This babka is full of cinnamon and is moist and dense and absolutely a must if you visit Dean & Deluca.
They also have a chocolate babka,
But this is my favorite!

Another yummy treat:


Rice Krispy treats with carmel.
I ate a fourth and am going to savor each delectable bite!
They also have sprinkled and chocolate rice krispy treats.

Can I just tell you about Dean & Deluca’s?

I find the store such a pleasure to walk through.
I mean you walk in and to your left is a huge candy bar where you can fill bags with anything from gummy worms to chocolate bites to licorice.

To your right is the coffee bar,
Full of aromas that tease you.
Just try to walk by without being tempted by a latte or cappuccino.

Straight ahead?
All the best kinds.
You can sample and smell and choose which one is going to compliment your pasta.

Don’t worry-
Plenty of pastas and sauces and fresh breads,
All within the window filled walls of this store which screams luxury shopping!

This is no Shop’n Save!
So be ready.
The prices match the quality of food.
Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Not that I would
by any means
want to pay some of these prices weekly,
But to leisurely browse the shelves and their perfectly packaged goodies,
Is quite heavenly.

Did I mention they make sandwiches and soups and breakfast and dinner?

There isn’t one thing that I haven’t liked,
But I guess I will have to keep trying new things.
For research sake!


2 responses to “The Most Delectable Store

  1. Love Dean and Deluca but they don’t have a store where I live. Have to order their yummy products online.

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