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Grey Days

on September 30, 2012


Anyone else addicted to the t.v. show “Grey’s Anatomy?”

I began watching right from the beginning. Episode one, season one.

Hooked immediately with the romanticized look at the life of becoming a surgeon for the best hospital and trained by the best possible mentors in one of my favorite cities-Seattle.

Doctors falling for interns, doctors falling for doctors, interns falling for interns… So many relationships!

Patients being healed by new technology,

patients dying because they just couldn’t be saved,

doctors trying to save the ones they love (some with success and tearful tragic endings for others).

Soon I had my husband invested as well, as I think I begged him to watch the series one weekend years ago.

We began a fantastic tradition!

We wait to watch the season until it comes out on DVD and dedicate a weekend to our “Cave”, where all we do is sink into our comfy sofas and indulge in the luxury of becoming immersed into the lives of all that enter Seattle Grace.

We have our loungewear on and I get the most huggable blanket and turn down the lights.

We have our favorite snack and manage to truly escape reality for an entire weekend!

It’s like reuniting with your favorite friends again.

We catch up on all that has happened in the past year,

often pausing because of the intensity of the drama.

Tears flow as the adoption is up in the air,

“NO!” I say. “Meredith and Derek are going to be great parents!”

Tears of relief as they do end up getting their baby back.

Their lives become so real to me!

Their pain, mine.

Their joy, mine too.

OH how I love this show and the flow of the story.

I am a romantic at heart and I think that is what intrigues me most.

I want everyone to work their relationships out and for all outcomes to to end in peace,

but that is not what happens and that is what keeps me coming back.

It does echo the heart breaks in life and it does echo the peace of making things whole again.

Probably my most favorite part of it all,

is sharing this with my husband.

He and I can laugh about it and discuss the characters and story lines.

Who else can I discuss the ins and outs and complications of these crazy doctors that you just can’t help but say, “Which one would I most be like?”

In the end, I feel it is like reading a good book series.

You invest in each character, even the ones you don’t like,

you watch them fail and succeed,

and you can’t do a thing about it!

You shout at the t.v. and you are shocked at certain outcomes.

There are plots and twists and in the end,

you have no say.

I love our “Grey” days!

So off I go to watch the end of season 8.

Oh how I already don’t want it to end.

What is going to happen with Christina and Owen?

Surely now Meredith and Derek and Zola will live happily ever after!

They have had enough tragedy in their lives.

How will season 8 explode in the end?

Don’t tell me!

But onward we will move,

making sure not to catch a glimpse or hear a plot twist on the new season,

Until our next “Grey” days.


4 responses to “Grey Days

  1. As a fan of the show from the beginning, I thought this post was just awesome πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE Grey’s. Unfortunately I missed quite a few episodes last season so need to catch up before I start this upcoming one! And, I miss George and Izzy, too 😦

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