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on October 2, 2012


A yellow, crisp autumn leaf falls from the overhead leaning branch.

Does it make a sound as it floats effortlessly to whichever surface it ends up on?


It’s grace.
Falling gently into the realm of all who choose to see it and feel it and take the time to recognize the beauty in it.

The grace-fall.

The leaf has changed,
Once green and new
and hardly noticed among all of the other fresh, green leaves.

I noticed.
I noticed the change.

No longer blending in with all of the others.
No longer just one of many.

This one took the leap.

The change happened while I blinked.
The grace that changed ordinary to
Bright and bold.
Was it painful?
To change in such a dramatic way?

To leave the old behind.

The grace-fall.

Yellow and crisp, a seemingly normal
Autumn change when looked at from afar,
But as it moved further from what it had been,
From what it had known,
The leaf had become extraordinary.

Thanks to the grace-fall.


2 responses to “Grace-Fall

  1. m3lly78 says:

    beautiful pic! get ready to bring your swimmers to Sydney next month – the weather is getting warm!

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