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Autumn Brilliance

on October 10, 2012


I love a great fall leaf.
I mean in the midwest we have such brilliant yellows and fluorescent oranges and bright reds.
None in our yard, but still…

Brian and I are forever looking for that perfect tree that will add the ambience and peace of autumn.

I had a favorite tree that used to be across from Brian’s apartment (many years back).
I never took the time to photograph and freeze that glimpse of God in nature.
It grew old as we grew up and several years ago someone took it down.

It was a sad moment for me,
Probably because of memories related to Brian and I in our early love stage,
Remembered because we would often look out the window to see the bold and outspoken presence of that tree.

Remember the book,
“The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein?
(If not please check it out.)
I am often reminded of that book when thinking of these glorious trees in their splendor.
Giving all they can, even when we may not appreciate it.

I believe them to be the best works of art God created.
The shapes and bends and twists and blends of colors…how can you define a tree as “just a tree?”

And autumn trees shine above all.
So many people drive through the countryside each weekends to capture their beauty in a photo they can frame.
People arrange their vacations around this season so they can go to Vermont or Maine solely to be in the presence of such glorious colors.

The brilliance of it all…
Calling us to reflection and quiet.
Begging us to come outside and just “be.”
We are urged to open up windows and to stop and take it in.
The Master of art-
He did it.
Perfection in leaves and branches.
“Breathe. Peace. Love.”

We will continue our hunt for the perfect blend of that orange or red leaved tree to bring home.
One that will inspire and grow and give.
One that whispers.


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