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Eye Can’t Do It!

on October 14, 2012


I realize so many people wear contacts,
But I just now joined the pack.

You people make it look so easy!
Oh sure just put it in.
Don’t even look!

When the doctor went to put it in,
She said “concentrate on your other eye.”
I mean I see a finger at this eye.

My eyes were like,
“You wanna what?!
Poke me with something?!
No.” Blink.

Then they go through this video about caring for your contacts and I could only think,
Ok let me do it.
(They won’t let you out until you put them in and take them out.)

It took me forever!
The lady even walked away.
I had a near meltdown.

My mom was with me and said,
“Do you want me to put it in for you?”

Me- a late thirty-something having her mom help her put contacts in?

No. I didn’t let her, but geez it was not fun.
I somehow convinced the lady to let us go after achieving success.
She really wanted me to stay and practice awhile longer ,
I wasn’t having it.

I am getting better, but not yet getting it on the first time.

My eyes hurt from poking them and I am realizing contacts may not be for me.

While taking them out
(Which hasn’t been a problem),
My dog distracted me
(Yes, I am blaming my dog)
And suddenly I couldn’t find my lens!
What in the world?
My hand was at my eye,
Turn to correct my dog,
Turn back- where is my contact?

I had Brian look in my eye to make sure it wasn’t still there.
I was worried it was stuck to my hair,
Because I had swung around and my hand brushed through my hair.

Moments later,
I actually found it in the sink
After thoroughly shaking my head and searching the counter.

Thank God for the slight blue edge.

This should not be a traumatic experience.

I should just be able to quickly,
Without a thought
Put this small and delicate lens
Onto my eye.

So many do it every day.

They say it gets easier,
But I just don’t know about that.

Maybe they aren’t for me and my apparent sensitive eyes.

Can I also say that looking for new frames just isn’t as fun as it should be?

Maybe it’s my shape of face,
Or my romanticizing the experience,
But I did not enjoy trying on glasses.

Now my very supportive husband
Helped me stay calm and focused but
Once again,
Near meltdown.

I thought I would find this perfect pair that would transform me.

You know,
Those trendy and oh so cool glasses that change your whole look for the better.
Suddenly becoming “stylish.”

Well, I found a pair of I think adorable frames,
Definitely better than what I have,
But it wasn’t that
“Oh my gosh! Those are hot!” pair.

So, my experience with glasses and contacts this week has been trying.
Only made better because of my very patient (this day) husband and a Cinnamon dolce latte (Starbucks).

What has your experience been like?


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