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Become A Fan, You Know You Want To

on October 19, 2012


The St. LouisCardinals vs. San Fran Giants.
I was there last night with my dad, sister and brother -in-law.

Let me preface this by saying,
I always go to the second home game of the NLCS and they seem to lose.

I felt horrible about taking my dad to a losing playoff game.
I mean I am a jinx.
I knew chances were not good that we win.
I mean everyone in baseball knows you have to play your part to help the team.
So … I was a little iffy about going.

But it’s the playoffs!!!!

They are so much fun!
I mean who else has the Clydesdales!
Does your team?
They don’t race around your stadium?
Well…they are huge and majestic creatures.
Just shimmering as they gracefully parade around Busch Stadium.



Stan the Man started us off right by rounding the stadium in classic Cardinal style to bring in the Ceremonial ball.
Then Ozzie expertly glided in the first pitch.
After his son, Nicco sang the National Anthem. (Quite beautifully too.)

(If I have to explain who these people are, well I am pretty sure you aren’t into baseball.)

Fans cheering-
their hearts out on the field with their favorite players.

Who else can best understand your emotions as you anxiously watch that game winning pitch go screaming across home plate?!

Who else is there to watch the foul ball fly two rows behind you?

Who else will completely abandon the idea that you are a stranger?
I mean we are in this together.
We all play a part.

Beer, nachos, hot dog, rally towel…
All fair game to end up in the air as something great transpires on the field.

Or something you disagree with…

But mostly you are there,
In unspoken agreement,
To love and support the Cardinals together.
To be sad or mad or excited…together.

Don’t you want to be a part of that?!


Last night was a great showing for us.
(By us, I mean the Cardinals because all us fans get to take ownership of a win.)

My dad may have canceled out the jinx in me!
He said he doesn’t believe in that and was insistent they would win.
He carefully took score between standing up to cheer and swinging the rally towel, screaming for our Cardinals.
Giving fist bumps and high fives to all around us.

Who wanted this win more-
The actual Cardinals or the die hard fans?

The win was beautiful with fireworks and cheers and laughter as we were instantly cattle moving along
towards the exit gates.

It doesn’t matter that there are 47,000 people all leaving at the same time.
What mattered was the win and your instant connection to every “Birds on the Bat” fan.

Tonight will be a rally like no other.

Hoping beyond hope to clinch at home.
To make it another year to the World Series.
Sometimes beyond reason and even with a jinx in the crowd,
The Cardinals surprise you and tip their cap to you as once again they pull it off.

Will tonight be that night?

I wish I could say we were going,
But I won’t be there to watch my Cardinals.

Don’t you want to become a fan?
Just for one more night.
One more party.
One more celebration.

Cardinals Nation welcomes everyone!
No fees, only tickets.
And well… Those are worth every penny.


5 responses to “Become A Fan, You Know You Want To

  1. m3lly78 says:

    Wow, I love the passion! As an Aussie, I cant say I’ll ever get into baseball BUT I appreciate your fan intensity cause I have that about my football team! So just for you Im in Sydney going for the Cardinals!!!! šŸ˜‰

    • yomicfit says:

      Thanks!! They play in 2 and a half hours! Brian says Balfor plays for Oakland and is an Aussie. But… My Sydney brother-in-law is a huge Cards fan. The deal is we cheer for the Wallabies, He cheers for the Cardinals! And we cheer for the Rabbitohs (sp?) Since they are NSW.

      Sincerely, Michelle

      • m3lly78 says:

        NICE! I also love the Rabbitohs but they are my second team to the Knights! Not long til you fly over…..cant wait to meet you & your twin! Have a great time at the game & fingers crossed the Cards win!!!

      • yomicfit says:

        I was just telling my sis how great to meet you!
        That will be fun !:)

  2. kelseyshea11 says:

    Awesome! Definitely an amazing atmosphere to capture.

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