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Got Funk?

on October 22, 2012


Last night we got funky!
Oh yeah.

We went to a concert featuring
Dr. John and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Dr. John entered with so much Na’Orlens (New Orleans to me)
Swagger it stank.

Ya get what I’m sayin’?!

Cool mo,
Voice gritty smooth,
Playing the piano and organ at the same time!

Pure and rhythmic.
Tapping your toes,
Clapping along,
And then…

The Blind Boys come out.


Can I just say their presence and very essence wafts over the crowd in that instance.

You feel their souls pouring out.
Spirituals sung with gusto and glory.
You start swaying and

“Amazing Grace” to the tune
Of “House of the Rising Sun.”
Moving and powerful beyond words.

When they came down to walk through the crowd you were graced with a joyful soul.


Another highlight,
Lady trombone playing the very life out of her instrument.
Funk can’t quite describe her voice.
Whining and stretching the notes deep within.


A Sunday night funk-fest
Roof swelling with the sounds of souls
Sharing their stories.

We got funked
And loved every minute!


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