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Bad Fur Day

on October 26, 2012


Poor Cooper!

He is not my big fluff ball right now.

It started with the leaves, I think.
He loves to wade through leaves!
I don’t know if its the sound or feel,
But he almost gets covered as he drifts through the yard.

Well those leaves,
Leave him itchy.
Most years a Benedryl will do the trick.
Not this year.

He has been suffering with allergies horribly this fall.

Scratching and licking to the point of losing fur.
Big clumps found in every room.
We went to our vet
And Coop got an allergy shot and is now on steroids.

Our poor baby isn’t quite himself.

Then yesterday was hair cut day.

We thought a shorter cut would help him,
But now he just looks sad.

He knows he looks different.
He doesn’t like his cut.
Shih tzu’s are very proud and always play up their adorability to the unsuspecting visitors and friends and when wanting a snack or asking you to play fetch.

The meaning of shih tzu in Chinese is “lion dog.”
When I think of lion,
Besides cuddly and ok furocious,
I think of their big mane.

When visitors arrive,
Coogee and Cooper shake their “mane” and bark as if they embody the king of the jungle.
Not that they can think about doing anything other than jumping on whoever (and I do mean anyone) that enters.
(Yes I know that’s bad and I do want to stop this behavior.)

Did I say how much they love attention and winning people over?!

They strut when they look good.
But poor cooper…
Well the hair will grow back.

Now Coogee has finer hair and not as many allergy problems.
So, her hair looks good.


She’s even kind of razzing Coop.
Almost laughing in his face as she struts past.

Poor Cooper boy.

Good thing it’s sweater weather.


3 responses to “Bad Fur Day

  1. Lori Lipsky says:

    Poor (adorable) Cooper. Loved the title!

  2. m3lly78 says:

    Coops still looks so cute!

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