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Madonna -In A Nut Shell

on November 2, 2012


Pre-flight celebration started last night with a girls night out to see Madonna.

We thought, “this will be great!
Madonna! Fun!
Love a lot of her new songs and old.
Great time!”

What can I say after?!

It did not live up to expectations.

The first 30 minutes to 45 minutes were violent with guns pointed at audience members and “blood” splattering on the large screen and a scene about her killing her whatever (boyfriend …).

She began with what I consider demonic looking and truly felt as if she was trying to out “show” Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga,
Yet she is older and is more pop music than rock…

Just didn’t work for me.

Then came the more light hearted music with drummers suspended in mid-air. Which did look cool.
Definitely more upbeat and fun,
Yet too much auto-tune.

She sang 3 older songs.
Vogue- which was great and had
Everyone on their feet.

But then came “Like A Virgin”.
We had no idea what it was for a long while.
Yah- the most recognizable song.
Very slow, and I guess she was going for lounge singer?

The most awesome song of the night was “Like A Prayer”
Everyone immediately stood and were dancing and singing.
2nd to last song of the night.

People left early in the show
and throughout the concert were walking out.

Mid- Madonna concert.
Weird, right ?!
(Yes, that is what people thought of her first show- EVER- in St. Louis.)

I expected some drama and have heard about some of the theatrics but
Really I thought,
“It’s Madonna!”
Should be great no matter what.

Definitely not what we expected.

In a nut shell-
She appeared as if she was trying too hard to fit in to today’s music scene.

Just stick with what you are-
A Pop star.

A pop princess at that.
You can do all that fun and funky stuff but don’t,
I repeat,
Don’t change your classics.

I mean she is 53 looking like she wants to be 25.

Madonna has done many crazy things in her day.
Is it the fact that she can’t top those antics ?

Oh well.
Glad we went still but we heard a few
Comments of people not happy with the show.

Oh plus she didn’t start singing til 10:45 which felt a little too “diva” for me given the concert was supposed to start at 8:00 and though I know they don’t start on time,
This was pushing it.

I really think an icon of pop,
A queen in her own right,
Should be able to perform like a legend.

Aerosmith is of an earlier generation than she,
And you know what to expect…
Them. Their songs, the way you love them.

I wanted that of her.

Still…it was Madonna and we did experience her show.
We don’t regret going,
But we now are inspired to get to a great concert soon.

Now…off to Sydney!


3 responses to “Madonna -In A Nut Shell

  1. mybrokenoven says:

    Hi! No question – I just love your blog and nominated you for a Leibster Award!

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