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Outside The Box – Melbourne

on November 5, 2012


Melbourne, Australia

You don’t realise how ordinary
And plain some of our cities look
Until you visit Melbourne.

The architecture is an eclectic mix of old traditional and completely outside the box thinking.

Bold colours are just the beginning.

Structures meant to be played with.

An artists dream.


What designer said,
“No, No, No!
We must add a fluorescent green cloud shape on the top!”
And the owner said,
“Oh. O.k. Just go ahead and be creative.”

It makes finding certain institutes very easy.


A true feast for the mind,
These structures are a collection in the largest open air museum.

How perfect.

No fee.

Just walk around and take your time
Enjoying creativity at its best.



2 responses to “Outside The Box – Melbourne

  1. sjophotography says:

    Very true. So many new treats and great creativity on show around Melbourne. I have lived here most of my life and still seem to find something new each week. Great blog.

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