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Racing The Day – Melbourne Cup

on November 6, 2012


Melbourne Cup -Tuesday, November 6

I have found that everyone we ran into, including the 3 Australians I was with, had never been to the Melbourne Cup before.

It is “THE” event of the year.
The fascinators and dress being the Center of the talk.

They expected 110,000 in attendance.
Grey and with splatters of rain sporadically.

The energy around us was exciting and vibrant.


We laughed most of the day away.
Sorry to say I don’t have more photos to share as most are on my camera.

It was a great day highlighted by
The Fashion Show and meeting the former Prime Minister, Mr. Kevin Rudd.

We made it to “Fashion on the Field” where designers show off the latest and greatest.
We weren’t able to see much,
But thanks to being from the States,
People were happy to take great photos for me!

We then ran into Kevin Rudd,
Where he pleasantly took a few photos with me and then asked if I voted.
(Of course I had- anxiously awaiting results today.)

We placed bets based of course on name.
I chose “Light of Heaven” and “Americain.”
No luck there.


We were watched over as we weren’t in any downpour and we had fantastic parking.

What a great day!
Definitely a must for any who haven’t been.
Thanks Melbourne for treating me so well!

Off to the Great Ocean Road today.


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