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Scenes From A “Great Ocean Road”

on November 7, 2012

Are you ready to go on a short trip?

It’s a bus ride, but don’t worry.
You can stay comfortably where you are.

(Some photos from “The Great Ocean Road” Tour thanks to Autopia Tours for the great time!)


Ok so it was an all day adventure.
7:30 a.m. Til 21:00.
We started and ended in the city of Melbourne and took what is called the “Great Ocean Road.”

Great group of 16 international travellers.
The following were represented:
United States, Australia, Vietnam, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, India, Canada, Sweden.

Here we go.


First stop- colourful toilets.

Next stop- the beach



Does it ever get old?
I don’t think so.



Back on the bus,
The sea and heavens unite.
Where do they each meet?

Amazing homes.
Including this one on a platform.


Prepare yourself for the cuddliest stop.
Wild koalas.


Finally a few views of the “Twelve Apostles”.



(You ready to come visit Melbourne yet?)


Don’t forget to tell us how you liked the trip.



7 responses to “Scenes From A “Great Ocean Road”

  1. sagedoyle says:

    As a rule of the Prolific Blogger Award, wanted me to write a poem which incorporated all the blogs she nominated. You were in that list. I finally wrote the poem and on Thursday, November 8th, at 4pm EST, the poem entitled “The Bloggers” will be posted on my blog. The name and link to your blog are within the context of the poem. Let me know if this is ok to post. If I don’t hear back, I’ll take that as permission. I think you’ll like it though, so when it’s posted you should check it out!

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