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Paddington Style

on November 11, 2012


Driving into the city,
I wonder how many Sydney-siders take the Harbour Bridge for granted?

Beautiful sun, peaceful weather.
Lets go to Paddington.


An Eclectic group of artists of every kind (jewelry to paintings to unique wood creations) and clothing shops and food tents set up in Paddington.

Only open on Saturday,
The crowds swarm to find goods to give as gifts or clothing that goes against the norm or unusual art for the walls.


People looking for bargains in the market,
Don’t often find them here.
But it is well worth the trip!

This Saturday there were hundreds of maxi dresses and scarves.
Light flowing tops and colourful necklaces.


We finished our shopping and moved on to some local fish and chips.


After fish and chips
We took a short trip to Double Bay.

Each part of the day
Topping the last.


I have found there is never a dull scene in Sydney.


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