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On The Path To Macquarie

on November 13, 2012


The morning wake up was as per usual this week,
Squeaky door opens,
Little toes slapping against the cold wood floor,
Giggling girls snuggling in to
“Aunt Chelle’s” bed.

We enjoy looking at photos of Coogee and Cooper,
An old video of me sledding down our freshly snowed lawn on a special Christmas while “uncle Brian” narrates between laughs,
Old and new photos which Bring questions and smiles and early morning discussion.

I didn’t want to leave the warmth.
Just one more photo.
One more memory to wrap in stone.

Then I remembered,
I wanted to take the path to Macquarie.

I wanted the cooler morning air
And the feel of pavement under foot
And the smell of flowers floating from bright lawns
And the music in my ears.

So I took the 5k path to and from

And this is what was on that path.

A man on a mission,
I passed him by to later see why his gait was slow.
I found him praying
So beautiful,
A dance.
Face looking up into the sun.
I felt the warmth.

Two women ,
Old friends.
Getting healthy on their walk.
Words escaping faster than their feet moving.

A man kicking an empty jug in a field of green.
Was he angry, sad or lonely?
Did he see me walking by?

A bridge to walk under.
Tagged by artists late at night.
Full of colour and expression.



Skate park quiet at this hour.
Yet I could hear the wheels skid by.
Curves and ramps sit idle
Til perhaps after 3:00.

Mother duck and her children
Watch me closely as I pass.
What’s her hurry – seemed their thought.
Slow down and take it in.

20 bikes sporadically whiz by as they race off to work.
Helmets and backpacks
Concentration planted on their face.

A whiff of something sweet.
Beauty in a smell.
Smile comes after
as I breathe in God’s
“Good morning.”


Next I see an ageing couple,
Perhaps their daily routine.
Holding hands,
Supporting each other.
Hope and love rolled into one.

One last scene on the path from Macquarie,
Two sweet dogs headed my way.
A proud owner,
I can relate.


This morning,
On the path to Macquarie.
I woke to find this day.
A mystery.
Full of wonder.
What next is on the way?


2 responses to “On The Path To Macquarie

  1. m3lly78 says:

    My husband works just near there!!! Beautiful words.

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