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Meeting A Modern Day Pen Pal

on November 16, 2012


How often do we run into fellow bloggers and not know it ?
Probably every day.

An instant connection joins us together.
The sharing of sometimes our deepest thoughts,
Often personal stories.

I found an immediate joy when reading
Mel’s blog!
So when I found out she was an Aussie,
I was hooked completely.

With my twin in Sydney,
I feel I need to find as many ways as possible to make connections there.
Once you feel at home elsewhere,
It doesn’t feel so far away.

I knew I would have some time while visiting my sis to possibly meet up.

We emailed over the weeks before my trip and during,
making sure we had some time to chat.
My sis said,
“Bloggers. You know they have a lot to say.”


Mel suggested a great cafe in “The Rocks” (a Sydney shopping district).
Fantastic chocolates line the shelves inside,
While the outdoor area is quickly filled with people catching up on their daily fix.

(Sydney has the best cafes!)


We have similar interests and so it was easy to fill time with chatter.

Mel is this warm hearted gem.
She gives the best hugs and takes a genuine interest in, I am sure,
Whomever sits in front of her.

It was great to hear about her life stories and see that it doesn’t matter how old you are,
You can still make new friends.

The only sad part was not getting to meet Harley, (her adorable dog!)
But I completely understood as she was in mid work day.

We sat for an hour and a half,
Comfortably like old friends
Yet learning about each others family and husbands and interests.
(We both married our high school sweet heart.)

How great!
A world apart,
Yet here we were.
Only meeting because of words on a page.

Beautiful and bright,
Mel is an inspiration with her sincere compliments and great listening skills.

I hope that one day she can come to the States so we can catch up there.

I know next trip out,
I plan to meet up with her again.


It was a true pleasure.
Now when I comment on your blog,
You can hear me say it.
Best wishes for your husband, Harley and your work.
You are a light and blessing to all you reach.

Don’t ever change those hugs!
Until next time…
Words on a page will connect us a world apart.
Modern day pen pals.

Much love,


One response to “Meeting A Modern Day Pen Pal

  1. m3lly78 says:

    Thankyou for those kind words gorgeous!
    It was so wonderful to meet you too; it really was just like catching up with an old friend! Im just sad that you couldnt meet Harley, but he has definitely taken a shining to his new “Justin Beaver” squeaky – so much so that he’s already destroyed one of the ears!
    Enjoy your last few days in Sydney and I hope to meet you again someday soon.
    Travel back home safely xox

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