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Christmas With The Kellers

on December 2, 2012


Welcome to our home.

This is Christmas with the Kellers!


We hope you enjoy your time in our home.
Kick off your shoes,
Grab a festive glass of Spumante or egg nog,
And come sit by the fire!


There’s no pressure to talk about work, the weather or Christmas plans.
Lets just listen to music or watch one of our favorite holiday movies.
“Christmas Vacation” anyone?

(A replica of the countdown house in the movie, “Christmas Vacation”)

Sit back and relax.
We just want you to make yourself at home.
Plenty of cuddly blankets or loveable dogs to snuggle up with.


Or you can read a Christmas classic.


Don’t forget to take a look around and enjoy the sights of Christmas with the Kellers.





And let’s not forget why we even have Christmas,


The celebration of Jesus’ birth.
Yes Christmas day may not be the actual day He was born,
But isn’t it more important to just remember it as the greatest gift ever received ?

I hope to give as if there is no tomorrow.
Not necessarily material goods,
But love and warmth
Forgiveness and compassion.
One day I may become really good at that,
For now I realize I am human.
This means imperfectly loving the ones I love most.

Christmas reminds us of the ultimate love and sacrifice and humbleness.
A King in a manger.
The most loving Father there is.
A brother one day I hope to meet.

At the Kellers,
We try to remember the love of Christmas with prayers and giving.

We hope you too will pray with us as we say thanks for every gift of love and for the grace to always share that love with those who need it most.

Merry Christmas from the Kellers!


Please remember Christmas is a season,
Not a day.
We hope you share your love with all those around you,
Especially those without families near by.

“He who has not Christmas in his heart,
Will never find it under a tree.”
– Roy L. Smith


2 responses to “Christmas With The Kellers

  1. m3lly78 says:

    Your place looks adorable! I’ll have Christmas with the Kellers!!!!

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