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Devouring Australia

on December 4, 2012


This post features my favorite eats while in Australia

First up, best pizza I have ever had from “Il Gambero” in Melbourne.

Absolutely makes me drool thinking about it.
What is not to like?
Wood fired, crispy crust
Sweet yet not too much so
sauce and plenty of it.
Mozzarella strategically placed.
One bite and I was hooked.


Another Italian restaurant that had me salivating was in Sydney,
Called “Via Napoli”


To start we tried the buffalo cheese along with prosciutto.
The saltiness of the prosciutto was cut by the smooth, milky cheese.


Can you believe that I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of the pizza ?!!

It was served on a long wooden platter set on top of silver serving rounds.
We had the margarita pizza which is basically cheese, sauce and basil.

I loved the once again wood fired crust and simple sauce. Each bite satisfying that craving for “true” pizza.

(I do have to say that “Il Gambero” won out on the pizza for me.)

What tops off an Italian meal?

A Nutella calzone of course!


Scrumptious !
Messy, but scrumptious!
It was warm and melted chocolate goodness running down your face and fingers.
“It’s too good to wipe off. ”
I was told.
“You must lick it off!”


I will be back !


Another must in Sydney is fish and chips.
Sometimes served in newspaper cones full of hot and salty chips.
The fish is fresh and battered to perfection. Of course fried is the best.
The best garnish only wedges of lemon squeezed delightfully onto the fish.

Here are a look at a few of my experiences with photos.


A shop by Paddington market.
These were fresh as I waited for them to make my order and quite yummy.
(Sorry no photo )

Now my favorite, by far was at Dee Why Beach.
Sea Change Cafe.
Loved these !


Another place we explored was at Watsons Bay. Doyle’s take away.


Not one of my faves,
I did find a bone but it was probably due to The type of fish.

Doyle’s has great scenery which is a bonus.



And lastly,
The coffee at local cafes is supreme.
I am sorry to say that every Australian I spoke with agreed,
America does not do coffee well.
So I came back wanting a Nespresso machine.

In Melbourne,
I enjoyed a latte at Brunetti’s.
I could have sat all day and had a hundred refills!

Another day I enjoyed an ice coffee from the Boat House.


I was spoiled when “mama” made me espresso every morning and steamed my milk on the stove.
Oh how we all need a “mama” in our lives!

In Sydney,
We enjoyed an iced mocha at “Guylian.”


And on my last day,
I enjoyed a latte while Annie had a hot chocolate.


I was not able to find time to slip in a gelato from my favorite stand at circular quay,
But I was able to grab a bag of wedges before getting on a ferry.

These are my husband and my favorite treat!


So, while you may go to Australia for the sights,
Don’t forget to try the cuisine.


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  1. jakesprinter says:

    This post makes me hungry this morning, Stunning Images šŸ™‚

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