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Baking And Breakdowns

on December 7, 2012


These are my sugar cookies.
My first attempt in many years.
Not from scratch, but a big box.
(Gotta love Sams Club!)

Still I did add other ingredients and made the glaze from scratch.

Let me just say,
I am not a baker.

I was very optimistic at the beginning.
“These will be great!”
My husbands favorite has always been sugar,
So I thought
“He will love these!
How great of a wife am I ?!”

Funny, right.
How we need to pat ourselves on the back.

So I start rolling and using the cookie cutters and I realize
One third of the way through
That this takes so much longer than drop cookies.
With the added bonus of making sure the cookies aren’t overdone.
Because mine aren’t rolled out to a perfect thickness where they all are the same.


Plus my oven does not cook even.

So the first batch were a little over done as I tried to turn from my cutting and rolling,
With messy hands and flour in my hair and on the floor and well probably everywhere you looked.

But, I started getting better with judging cookie thickness and oven timing.

Then I had the icing.
Goey, messy glaze.

I never figured a less messy way to get it onto the cookies.
Glaze dripping onto the counter,
I tried to quickly stop it from sliding onto the floor.

My counter a complete and utter wreck,
I realize I hate making sugar cookies.

They take up so much space and are so messy!

Well…we figured out that stored in a ziplock bag they get softer and taste great after a day of …curing?

Anyway, today I may tackle peanut butter with kisses or chocolate chip with mint chips.

I will play my favorite tunes and bake away…
At least that’s the plan.

Guaranteed that at least once I get frustrated for one reason or another,
But hey how great of a wife am I?!


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