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God Given Glow

on December 11, 2012


Have you ever felt it?
That inner warmth?
The glow-
You know, the God given glow.

I have.
I know when I am connected to it because people will say,
“You look great!”
“Have you lost weight?”

And I just know.
I know that feeling coming from deep within.
The feeling that I am worth it.

I am love-
Love able,
love giving, love receiving.
I choose to love and accept love.

I choose to show off that
God given glow.

We each have it.

Do you know how to reach it ?

This year I have been working on
Loving myself.

Me. As I am.
Scars and marks.
Fat and muscle.
Good hair day and bad hair days.

It has been like an experiment.
When I allow myself to feel negative,
I see the dark in me.
I see the “ugly” that I want to run from.

When I choose to love me,
I see the glow.
Even on a bad hair day.
And so do others.

I can actually feel it radiate into my cheeks.
I know that my eyes sparkle.

People can’t put their finger on it.

But I can.

It’s hard.
Most days it isn’t natural for me to wake up and say,
“Today I choose beauty.”

No it’s a battle!
I mean it sometimes gets downright dirty!
“I don’t deserve to feel good.
I don’t look pretty.
I sound like I am bragging or think I am better than someone else.
I am no good.
Why would anyone want anything to do with me?”

All lies.
Lies I sometimes believe.

It is easier to agree with these
thoughts than with loving truths.

Have you ever felt that way?
Negative from the start of the day?
I can’t …
I don’t …
I am not…

Here is the truth.
I can be those lies
when I choose not to love.
Especially when I don’t love myself.

My own bitterness or jealousy or anger
Comes out.
It’s ugly and not at all what I want to portray.

I fight.
I choose to get to the inner glow.

I know the secret.
I know God put it in each of us.

It’s not easy with all the drudge of deep hurts.
Words said about me and to me.
Ages old.

If I want to reach someone else,
It is easiest done when I have that
God given glow.

I may be speaking with someone in line
Or someone in the store who needs help or
Just any random person,
And I start with a smile.
They return the smile.
A conversation is sparked.
I listen. (It is much easier when I am feeling the glow.)
They say, “You look really familiar!”

I just smile.
I know.
I know that we are all familiar when we have the glow.
It’s a gift.
A gift we all have.

I wish I could turn it on every day,
But it’s not that simple.

You see
I am human and let my emotions get the best of me some days.
Maybe most days.

But still…
The hope of that light shining
Brighter than all the other thoughts.

Beaming through my smile and eyes and out the tips of my fingers
So that I may love all I

I will put on my gloves and fight.
Just for a glimpse.
Of that
God given glow.


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