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My TV Fixes: Warning Plots Ruined, Results Exposed

on December 12, 2012


Melanie Martinez

My current reality show music contest I have invested probably way too much time in is “The Voice.”

I love listening to possible new artists.

Melanie Martinez was my fave!

(Yes, was. She was not voted through to the Semi Finals)

Loved her sound and look -how many people could pull off two toned hair-

and the fact that she is only 17!

Amazing. I know she will go far on her own because she is eclectic.

Her rendition of “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes was chilling.

Loved it!

She is gone though and so my new fave has to be Terry McDermott.

Gotta love a rocker! He has a very pure sounding voice. Pure rock.

Plus I love to see a person who has been trying to make it,

find their avenue into a rough industry.

I must say that I was not a fan of Trevin Hunt and I kept thinking

“What do people hear when he sings?”

There have been several of those for me and I long for a Simon Cowell on those episodes where the coaches all say how fantastic the performance was.

He did not make it through to the Finals though, so I do think America got that right.

Anyway, on to another show…

I watched the game show “Take It All” last night with Howie Mandel.

I was really facinated by the simplicity of it and yet the ending is a testiment of our true greediness!

I mean all that has to happen is for both people to agree that they will keep their own prizes. If only one person says “take it all” they get both sets of prizes.

If both say “take it all” no one gets anything.

Simple, right? Except that both people decide they want it all.

Crazy!!! It is so easy to say that I would have decided to “keep mine”
while sitting comfy in my p.j.’s
but I would love to think I could walk away with dignity.
All you both have to agree on is that you are winning who knows how much money and some awsome prizes!
(A trip for two, a spa, a new bathroom furnished by Kohler plus later we learn $50,000!)
Each person has crazy prizes and a surprise amount of money. Better than leaving empty handed.

But no…both people wanted it all.

Really it’s based on the classic Christmas game where you pick a prize and then the next person can take yours or a new prize.

So I like that idea.

Very simple.

Yet, this game goes to a whole new level.

How greedy are we?

So also my husband and I have been a little obsessed over the Hallmark channel Christmas movies. They are hit and miss. We either love the message and hince the movie or laugh our way through the hilarity of scenes and bad acting and crazy situations.

It has been fun trying to figure out which movies we may actually want to sit fireside with the Christmas lights glowing and feel the “Spirit” with Hallmark.

Thanks Hallmark for lifting us up! (Sometimes and making us laugh at other times.)

My final t.v. joy comes from those design shows where you can watch some absurd amount of decor go up in 30 minutes.

You feel as if your house is actually naked and wow, the things you can do with a little garland!

I mean I do love the warmth of Christmas lights, but do they need to line the hallways?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of the classic movies this season as well as the shows you are invested in.

I anxiouslly await the finale of the Voice, and am on hold for my true favorite singing competition “American Idol.”

Yes, I still watch and love that show! Don’t judge me.

I mean you know you love Phillip Phillips “Home.” He was my pick after all.


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