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Stars and More Stars!

on December 21, 2012

So I have received more stars!
Thanks to Liam!




That’s right, baby.
Three stars!

Well I hope this isn’t cheating, but I feel like one lump post would be o.k.

We all want to feel there is a purpose to our writing.
So, I hope this goes out to you all-
You all reach someone each day.

What you (and I) do with it is up to us.

I appreciate such kind words and sentiments when getting support over something I write.

In the end it is the wisdom of experience (failings) and the courage of The Lord that brings me to share these with you.

I have so many people I follow regularly and that have been great support from the beginning. Thank you!
And I have several silent followers (thanks babe) that are in my posts often, only because I love you.

So here I pass on stars to fellow bloggers.
Honestly, everyone deserves these.
Plus don’t forget to go get the rules…

Here are my nominees :

Lets get the boy his sixth star!







I am giving you each two more stars!

Thanks again, Liam!
Congrats! On your sixth!


4 responses to “Stars and More Stars!

  1. Lori Lipsky says:

    Congratulations. Thank you for the honor of including Poetry Patio on your list. I look forward to checking out the other links! ~Lori

  2. sagedoyle says:

    Congratulations and thank you!!!

  3. ferragudofan says:

    Congratulations on your award and three stars and thanks for sharing it again!

  4. Congratulations & thank you once again! I actually have the next few days off and I am determined to accept all of the awards that I’ve received before this year is over! I really appreciate this, have a great holiday season and keep up the great work! 🙂

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