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The Best Gift I Could Give

on December 26, 2012


This morning I sit reflecting on Christmas and the baby Jesus.

As I start the clean up
Of what’s left of Christmas Day,
Scattered wrapping paper remnants,
Displaced chairs,
Books and gifts and movies that now need a home…

I feel a bit disorganized as I look at it all.

The fullness of my life
On the floor and on chairs and under the tree still lit in splendid glow.

But what about baby Jesus?

What gift did I bring Him this year ?

Honestly there is nothing He needs from me.

He is love and God and all that I could only dream of.

With family sitting close enough that arms were touching,
We joined a chorus of Angels at Church on Christmas Eve.

Was that my gift?
My heartfelt thanks and prayers?
My taking time for Him in the midst of parties and presents and food?
Was it the love I could share with those around me?

Is there anything I can really bring to the manger?

And then
I realized.

All of me.
Dirty from my walk,
The journey taking me always back to the manger.

Back to why He came.

To love and show me how to live.

So that today
I can read over those
“Words made flesh ”
And experience true love.

He is the gift that I must
Humble myself to.

I must kneel and bow and stoop.
He must shine in me.

Any gift I could give is really a reflection of Gods love.

But I must lower my pride,
Uncover the inner beauty,
That which is not seen when
Putting myself first.

I must make the time
And take the initiative.

Stop and give.
Give of His love within me.
So that the best gift I could ever give
Is really from Him.

The gift of His unconditional love.


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