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Romp In The Snow (Grown Up Style)

on December 31, 2012


New Year’s Eve day, it’s snowing!
How much more festive and romantic can it get?

Brian and I were able to snuggle up in bed a little longer today,
As he wasn’t getting up at 5:00 a.m.
It was so nice to not have a cold side of the bed to wake to,
But hugs instead.
And then off to breakie (as the Aussie in us says- aka breakfast).


My fave- strawberry pancakes.
What you don’t see- bacon and breakfast potatoes.
I didn’t eat it all!
Perfect fuel to get started on this last day of the year.

So the snow is gorgeous.
(But after the holiday I am normally done with it and ready for spring. )

But…I insist on a good play in the snow when we have a more than a dusting.
Today looked promising.
Two to four inches predicted.
Constant big flakes,
Cascading onto the once green grass.

We watched and waited for the perfect time to go out.


The bad part?
Well…I don’t really have anyone to sled with.
Growing up with lots of brothers and sisters guaranteed sledding buddies.
Still…off we went.
Coogee, Cooper and I.


My toboggan.
Ready for its rider.

First you must make your tracks,
So I went up and down the hill a few times to get a good path.
Tedious but any sledder will tell you-
Necessary for a more enjoyable ride.

Then I needed a friend.
Guess who was available?!


Yes. Cooper!
Don’t freak out.
He had a nice couple of rides safely on my lap.
I don’t know if he liked it,
But he didn’t jump off.
So, I took that as a positive.

I went several times more,
Positive out neighbors must think I am nuts.

But I just couldn’t let the day go by without a turn down the hill.


Coogee got into the spirit and started chasing me.
She then would run as fast as she could up and down the hill.
Biting at the snow and
I am convinced
She was having a blast.

Cooper wanted to go in.
And I was done playing by myself
So in we went to the warm and cozy den.


Time for a good read and great coffee.

Wishing you a joy filled New Year!

My advice- take those once in a lifetime moments and grab them.
So it was just sledding down the hill,
But it more than that.
It was having child like fun.
And nothing beats that.

(So I didn’t last as long as I used to…oh well. It was still a good time.)

Happy and Blessed New Year to all!


2 responses to “Romp In The Snow (Grown Up Style)

  1. staci says:

    Alex loves the picture of Coogee! Wish could have joined you all.

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