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Year Of Thanks

on January 1, 2013


A while back,
I gave a brief review of
“One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp.

A brief summary,
She writes of finding her way out of darkness into light.
She gives an honest and poetic look at her life- a normal person going through heart ache and pain and questions about faith, anger and unbelief…
At one point a friend challenges her to come up with one thousand gifts.

I wanted to start a journal, yet did not make it happen.

So … I thought maybe this year that can be a blogging challenge to myself.
Each day (hopefully), writing about the gifts I see around me.
And by next December have at least one thousand.

Now, I am not often good at resolutions or long term plans
So I will try it.
(Also I am sure I will have posts about other things)

So today…
I will share some gifts with you…

1. The way God reveals Himself to me.
Now I know, He may try often and I don’t recognize Him.
But when I do, it often comes along with a feeling of amazement
Abba, Father, I Am, the greatest artist I have ever known, Creator and light,
He wants me to get it.
It’s like He says, “Hey. I will never ever leave you! I love you regardless!”

It’s happened in the car,
At church,
While reading,
While crying on my knees…
“Be Not Afraid.”
(Said 365 times in the Bible.)

I believe He is present and laughing when I fall on my behind in the snow and slide down the hill. I laugh and look up, half expecting to hear Him laugh with me…

When I am in grief and crying
I know He cries with me…

When I feel His radiant glow in the painting of the sky
That only He could come up with..

This above all is what I am greatest thankful for.

It has helped me form a relationship with Him.
I connect more deeply because of what He allows me to feel.

But this happens most often when I am on my knees,
Trusting Him,
Loving and believing. Really believing.

2. Laughter and joy.
That moment when you just have to spill out your laughter.
There is a chemical release with laughter often said to be related to nervousness.
But I honestly think its a gift.

And when you share that with someone,
There is an immediate bond.
I swear there is love released with laughter.

That’s what attracted me to my husband. I got his humor and he made me laugh. There was/still is a unity in our laughter.
Love escaped with our laughter and opened our hearts to each other.

Finally today,
3. I am thankful for warmth.
There are people without heat or sweaters or blankets or gloves or hot water or the warmth of light or the warmth of love…

So many things, gifts
Related to warmth.

I have a cozy blanket wrapping my legs
At this moment.

I realize just exactly how blessed I am.

I can’t imagine not being able to call up one person to share my struggles or pain or good news or fears….
Having no one.
I might as well live in isolated Alaska, if that was the case.

Can you imagine not having heat in your home?
Not being able to escape the frigid feeling in your fingers or toes?
Seeing your breath upon waking?

So I know by looking at this list some goals and challenges ahead of me.
To share Gods wisdom (through the grace only He can give),
To bring laughter and quite literally warmth to those in need.

Do you have something you are thankful today?
Will you share with others that gift?

“What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.”
― Hans Urs von Balthasar


2 responses to “Year Of Thanks

  1. Ellie says:

    Oh my gosh, your cute little dog looks like mine! Love it!

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