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I Am Able

on January 2, 2013


Today my 1,000 thanks focus is on a quote by a fantastic Christian speaker,

Lysa Terkeurst once stated, “Replace your ‘I have to’ with ‘I am able to’.”

So today “I am able.”

(Plus thankful.)

I will continue my count each day so the numbers will be a continuation and not start at one.

 Year of Thanks:

4.  I am thankful that I am able to complete my first Zumba training!

It was an hour of learning the basics of Zumba.  (Crazy latin influenced dance movement.)

I was sweating and replayed several of the harder moves so that I could feel successful.

It was a good first go.

There are several dvd’s, including the basics plus a 20 minute cardio routine.

A new dance class is always exciting to me but it is work.

It takes time to learn new moves and put it all together in a smooth fashion.

(They make it look so easy.)

I need to get a full length mirror so that I can more accurately judge what I am doing with my body.  (I am sure I am not quite as suave as they are.)

Anyone can learn the basics.  This is probably going to be a week or two of my Zumba so that I can just feel it and upon hearing the name of each move be able to relate to it on instinct.  I think this will be key for me.  Get comfortable.

Why am I thankful?

Well, first I am able to work out in a fun way!

How exciting for me to learn dance moves and shed a few pounds at the same time?!

You can’t help but smile as you dance, feeling the endorphins pumping.

I hope that in several weeks I will be able to move into the real sessions.

Don’t worry I will let you know every truthful detail!

5.  I am able to feel happy today, this day of our first unborn son’s heavenly birthday.

3 years ago today I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Our first child after a decade of trying.  After a month of exhilarating joy.

We shared our blessing, the best gift we had ever received with our family over the Christmas holiday.

Amazing how connected I felt to our child.  That feeling of love is overwhelming.

Immediately I was overcome with peace.

From the beginning we knew that it would be hard for us because of issues with my body.

So, we chose to pray thanks to God and offer our child to Him from the start,

saying “whatever happens we are so grateful to our Father for this blessing.”

Now, our son (just a feeling) named Michael is adopted into the most loving family.

He will never know strife or pain!  What a blessing!

You can never take away that beautiful grace from me.

We remember him always, and while some may say he wasn’t a “child,”

we know that he was and is.

We were told by our fantastic doctor to name him.

So one day we both came together with a name.  A name we had never spoke of.

Michael we said.  We felt.  We knew.  Our son.  Michael.

So today, this blessed and sunny day, I know Michael is at peace and loved.

It has taken,

is taking

some time to heal.

Part of us will always be torn until the day we can hold him in our arms.

He is with his two other siblings, 3 heavenly births in 20 months.

All named.  Each a gift!  A blessing from above.

We know God has a plan and I do not doubt it is for the best.

We may adopt, we may have a biological child… I don’t know today.

All I know is that I do not weep today with fear or doubt.

If I cry it is simply a mother’s tears of longing to reunite with her children.

The longing felt the moment I knew.

Still…I smile and feel at peace.

Because I know…God is good and He is here and there and holding onto our most precious little ones.

6.  I am able to see.

The visuals that lay before me are beautiful!

Ice cycles hanging from the deck,

clear water, frozen and dangling as if at any moment they may fall…

ImageGlistening snow, sparkling when light hits the smooth surface.

As if glitter were an ingredient,

colors of the rainbow floating across a white and pure heavenly veneer.

My dogs as they curiously watch me try to learn the dance moves.

Image“What is she doing?” says Cooper.

“Oh she’s into one of those silly dances again.  Just wait!  It gets funnier.”

Today, as I reflect on my thankfulness,

I realize if I was perfect I could take this attitude and transform my life to that of a saint.

That being said, I am very much human!

I am not going to remember or

I am going to slide into ungratefulness or

I am going to let feelings get in the way or

I will get judgmental….

Still….Thank you Lord for these blessings today and all the blessings in my life.

I may love you and others imperfectly, but my heart wants to go forward in thanksgiving.


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