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Coogee Girl

on January 3, 2013


Today My thanks is all about Coogee.

7. I thank God for her nine lives.
I realize this normally applies to cats,
But this month it goes for her.

Early December she had a lot of stomach problems. She is skinny as it is, so I didn’t want to see her lose any weight. It took about ten days for her to recover as I prayed and prayed that she would eat and have a normal poo.
(Uh. The things I pray for.)

Then about two weeks ago,
She very stealthy and ninja like had snuck open a bag of dark chocolate chips. She devoured half a bag! I had forgotten to close the pantry door as I moved from room to room sweeping the floor. (My fault!)

Later in the evening, Coogee started gagging. Knowing how she reacts to any changes in her diet, I started looking for what she may have gotten into.
I found the bag, opened at the seam and only half remaining.
They were special dark , which upon looking, are the worst kind of chocolate.
Then came the vet call. “What do I look for?”
I worried as I did what I should not have done,
I went online to see what could happen.

Uhh. Lets just say I was not comforted by anything I read.
So once again I set out to praying for her well being.

Finally, just a little while ago,
We came home from the groomers and I was getting the dogs out of our SUV, I grabbed an anxious Cooper in one arm and was preparing to pick up Coogee when she suddenly jumped down and hit her head on the concrete.

I was so scared as she froze up and started shaking.
I immediately put them back into the car and called the vet as I went racing to the office.
By the time I got there she was not shaking but I was concerned.
So…she has a concussion and was given an anti -inflammatory shot to help with swelling.
Tonight will be long as I look out for throwing up or seizures in which case, I call the vet and immediately meet him.

But he was optimistic so at the moment we go back tomorrow for a check up.
And once again I am praying for her health.

So…needless to say I am thankful that she has survived her traumatic month!

8.. Along with that, I thank God for His love of animals and (for as crazy as it may sound) for the healing of Coogee.

I don’t think God is beyond healing animals.
Especially when you put your trust in Him.
I do trust that He loves me so much that He would do this for me.

This may seem like some silliness
To those either non-dog lovers or
Non-believers or
People who put limits on Gods love,
But I am grateful that I know
His love knows no bounds.

So please join me in praying for Coogees head injury
And we might as well pray thanks for the healing and for Cooper and all pets out there,
Thank you Father for their unconditional love.


4 responses to “Coogee Girl

  1. Jeanne Livers says:

    Oh, no! I will certainly pray for poor little Coogee!

  2. Well none of this seems silly to me.Hopefully you will start to see better days.We have a yorkie…so understand how important part they are to the family.

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