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Sweeping Thanks

on January 4, 2013


I just spent the better part of the day cleaning.
Bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry, vacuuming, dusting…

Today my thanks is focused on clean.

9. I am thankful for first being able to make messes!

Not the ones that just happen, like fingerprints on windows or dust piling up on the book shelf,

But for the fun ones-
You know play dough and paint and cooking, games and parties…

There are activities that just need to happen without a second thought to the mess left behind.
I love playing in the play dough with kids!
As a big kid, I would say we all should have some play dough in our desk.
It is therapeutic and helps relieve the toughest of stresses.
A bonus? The smell.
Anyone else love the smell of play dough?

Now with cooking, I don’t like getting my kitchen dirty,
But the best recipes are often messiest and well worth it!
So…I need to just chill out and enjoy the moment.

What are your favorite “messy” moments?

10. Something I take for granted, but that today I really appreciated, is cleaning products !

I love the clean smell and the act of wiping away the dirt.
Seeing the clean left behind.

How fantastic is the “Swiffer?”
Those little dust cloth pads that you put on the bottom of the sweeper?
How fantastic to look and see the dirt you have removed from the floor !

I mean I can see how it can be a bit gross- “yikes look at how dirty we are !”

But at the same time,
Knowing all of those nasty germs are going away.
Vanishing because of these fantastic products!

So cathartic.

Of course after the house is clean I obsess over footprints on the floor that was sparkling
Or trash not thrown away or a dish now dirty,
But just because I want the house to stay in its splendor!

Anyway, lovely cleaning products make our lives safer and nicer looking and healthy.

11. I am also extremely thankful for crisp, clean sheets.

Is there a better feeling than slipping under those covers after freshly laundered ?

I say as I sink in.
Never intending to get out.
Just stay all cozied up in lush Egyptian cotton bedding.

Anyone ever get so excited they take a running leap?
Well, you should!

I heard once that you should always wash your sheets on New Years Eve day, so that you go into the New Year with clean sheets.
I like it.

So, today it’s all about cleanliness.
Tomorrow back to making a mess.

For any interested,
Coogee went to the vet today and he said her eyes were dilating properly so we have nothing to worry about.

Thank you for all prayers!
I do believe they worked!



3 responses to “Sweeping Thanks

  1. lorischulz says:

    I nominated you for the “Blog of the Year 2012” Award! God bless, Lori

  2. m3lly78 says:

    Glad Coogee is OK!

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