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The Family That Plays Together…

on January 6, 2013


Family gatherings are sometimes looked at as hectic and

Often laughable or tense on movies and television.

For me,
I am thankful for the opportunity presented this past weekend,
For two such get togethers.

12. For spending time with cousins I haven’t see in years, I am grateful.

One who lives in Virginia and one in California, both sharing memories of our childhood.
We had spent a good amount of time together when we were young.

We laughed over songs my twin and I made them listen to over and over one summer in ’86.
“I want money, lots and lots of money…”
Good ole 80’s music.
Reminiscing about Climbing in and out of windows and watching “Karate Kid,”
So many memories.

It was nice to see that their families are doing well and speaking of what we have been doing.

Sometimes catching up reminds you of how we must take advantage of every moment,
As it moves faster every day.

13. Enjoying games with family is another great gift.

We played “Apples To Apples” with all ages,
a group of 11.
Young, older,
Men and women.

What a fun game!
We shared so many laughs!
Anyone can play because there is anonymity and the choices you make in selecting a word to describe a subject
Doesn’t have to be logical.

There is a word with definition,
Say the word is “sweet” and you have cards in your hand that could be specific famous people, places, food or things
(Like bubbles, popcorn, cold pizza, Madonna…),
Reading your words ,
You guess what they would pick.

It’s fairly quick and can be as fun as you make it.
I find the larger group was fun to play with and people didn’t want it to end.

Anyway, you get a good feel for family when you play a game together.
There is a bond created.
Something shared among sitting on the floor and chairs, in a circle while doing something connected to childhood-
Playing games.

14. I am most thankful this weekend for being able to open our home to the family,
Letting them into our comfort zone.

We knew when we bought our house that we would share it with family and friends.
This was more than we could hope for in a home.
In many ways, a dream.

We set the tone as warm and inviting and welcome guests with smiles as they enter.

My immediate family knows the door is always open to them,
As we often have come home to them here or
Hear my brother come in after school.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

So having extended family,
Is another extension of hospitality we feel blessed to share.

This is what we can offer you.
Please make yourself at home.

We feel God has blessed us in the gift of our home,
So we extend our arms to all who enter
In the hope that they always feel Gods love.

We ate snacks and watched
“Strangers On A Train.”
A great Hitchcock classic suspense.

Lots of laughter and hugs were passed around.
Full bellies, they were able to make the drive back to St Louis satisfied on many levels.

We then spent the remainder of the evening with my parents as we ate together,
Conversed and played a game.

A great way to spend the weekend.

So much to be thankful for as we head into a new week.


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