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Good Thankful Morning

on January 17, 2013


This morning
I woke with the doomed feeling.
“I have to work out.”
I am still trying to change my vocabulary to ” I am able!”

So…my second approach was
“Thank you for giving me strength.”
Thus beginning my gratefulness today.

22. For the time to workout, I am thankful.
I can get up at my leisure, take the dogs out and workout.
How freeing to know that at the moment I don’t have to schedule it into a crazy day.
This gift is unspeakable.
I like starting my morning off with a good 20 minute or longer session.
Mainly because I am not a morning person and need this to wrap my head around the fact that I need to get moving.
Not that I wake up enthusiastically ready,
Most often a bit grumpily.
Still…when I do it, I can then shower and begin a more active day.

23. A great variety of DVDs improve my chances of working out.
Today I did a 20 minute “Biggest Loser” workout.
I am so glad no one could watch me.
I was pathetic!!! I wasn’t crying or saying “I can’t do it!”
I was simply not where I have been before.
This is frustrating to me.
Brian and I completed P-90X years ago and I was so proud of that.
The things I could do then are not physically possible right now.
The workouts on the program I did today are designed to work with you.
As I progress I can choose tougher workouts.
The problem: I do not like the girl who was leading it. She is no Jillian!
She was reading off a prompter and I felt she was saying her bit as sluggishly as I felt.
This being said,
I love “Biggest Loser!”
It really encourages me to keep going and to move. The stories are what I consider “normal” or “average” families getting out of good habits and falling into bad patterns.
It happened to me. So…back up I get.
I will be able to workout at full steam in a few weeks.
So, thank God for variety otherwise I would get bored and give up.

24. My Daily Bread.


This morning I ate “Maple & Brown Sugar Mini-Wheats.”
Yum. A great alternate to my favorite cereal- “Peanut Butter Multi-Grain Cheerios!”
Delicious and nutritious.
How fantastic to be able to enjoy what you eat?!
I can’t imagine rice every day with maybe water, if I was lucky.
You know?
To live in a country where food can taste good and be healthy is a blessing.
I could cry knowing that there are people suffering malnutrition and here I am overweight.
By choosing health,
It is a nod to the hungry in a special way. (Realizing I should help them in other ways too, of course. )
I can’t take this great opportunity and throw it away.
The bonus is that we have tasty choices.

25. We become parents today! Of a teenager !
My friend is going out of town, so her daughter is staying with us until Sunday.
Suddenly from no children to a teen is a bit scary for me.
I mean will I embarrass her?
Will I know what to do if something dramatic happens?
What if I forget to pick her up?
I mean, forever we have just had each other!
We have watched babies and young children, but not a teenager.

We have known Precious her whole life and love her so I am sure all will go well…
It’s exciting in a way to go to cheer practice with her and be a part of her daily life.
Getting a taste for parenting.

26. Coffee.
I have am able to drop off Precious to school early tomorrow morning. Meaning getting up really early to make sure she is up and ready.
Leaving the house in plenty of time to get in a probably endless line of cars who have all done this before.
My first time dropping off and I don’t know the pattern and routine and timeline. Sure I was given the tips, but it will be early and I will be tired.
So…coffee. I am very thankful for coffee.

But…life is good.
All is well.
I can’t complain.
Look at all I have to be thankful for!


3 responses to “Good Thankful Morning

  1. Love Biggest Loser…now if I would quit eating everytime the show is on☺

    • yomicfit says:

      Lol. I know. I try not to grab a bag of chips as I sit to watch these people working out to the point of throwing up. Funny how a show about losing weight can in fact be a cause for someone to gain weight by watching two hours of tv. 🙂 Love it. It does motivate me.

      Sincerely, Michelle

  2. I,too, love the biggest loser! It is very motivating!

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