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Precious Gifts

on January 19, 2013


If you follow this blog,
You may know that Brian and I have a daughter for the weekend.
Her name is Precious and she is in her young teens.
We have known her all her life and we were excited at the prospect of having a girl!

Precious has been a blast!
So my thankfulness today is around the gifts she brings to our household.

27. For her politeness, I am so thankful.
The first time she said, “Can I help you with dishes?” I almost dropped the plate I was holding.
Please, thank you…that’s just the beginning.
“I don’t mind…”
“What would you like me to do?”
“Can I make you and Brian sausage and eggs?”
She makes her bed and throws her trash away.

I am so impressed.
When going out to eat, she asked for things politely.
Said thank you.
Smiled and addressed everyone in a kind manner.
Nothing fake, a sincere gentleness.

I don’t know why I was so taken by surprise, but I was.
Perhaps because it seems to be her natural self.
And for whatever reason I feel that comes with maturity and in my eyes she is still that little girl with braids and toothless grin.

28. For her patience with teaching me routines.
There is this song in the movie “Pitch Perfect” where the main character sings a song and does this cup routine,
Precious is teaching it to me.
It’s been fun for me
and funny for her watching me.

I have finally got it!
Now she wants me to sing-
Even though I don’t have much of a voice.
She doesn’t care.
We are supposed to perform for Brian once we have it.
It makes me laugh because no way could I look as cool as her while doing it…but it’s fun.

29. I am grateful for the opportunity for her to put trust in me.
To share stories or confidences knowing that I won’t tell her mom or anyone.
Knowing that I can listen and just be an adult ear.
How great!
It’s a glimpse of what I would want from my daughter. And what I know my friends could be for her (our future daughter) too.

30. For the chance to get out of my own self to care for a child.
Hopefully to show a good example or to lead in a positive way.
There is a fear in giving up your once mostly free to do as you please time for someone else.
But there is freedom in giving of yourself and putting aside your own wishes for theirs.
I mean its only for 3 1/2 days but still an adjustment of the mind.

31. I am thankful for knowing that my friends have raised their children to be good people!
Sweet and well mannered.
My best friends daughter is our Goddaughter and she is equally a kind soul. Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings and sticking up for the underdog.
Her and Precious have known each other since they were young and I love getting them together!
Today we will all go shopping and hang out.
What a blast when you are with such wonderful people!

Oh the gifts that we have been given!


3 responses to “Precious Gifts

  1. Jeanne Livers says:

    I was happy to be able to spend time with you and your daughter last night. Precious truly lives up to her name!

  2. This is so nice! Thank you for sharing it!

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