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Laugh In The Face Of Sweat

on January 24, 2013

Sunrise at the Keller’s

Why can I never capture the exact colors of the sunrise on a photo?
There were some brilliant oranges mixed in with yellow.
Gorgeous !


I woke up early to get the dogs to the groomer and was sweetly surprised by these bright colors.
You know how it kind of takes your breath away?
I was also startled by the freezing temperature slapping me in the face.
God knew what I needed to wake up,
So He took the sting away with the inspiring sun rise.
37. I must say thanks for the undefinable glory in the morning sky. This goes to the greatest artist ever, Abba.

After dropping the babies off,
It was back home to work out.

38. I am grateful for our elliptical so that I don’t have to go to a gym.

Besides saving money, on a cold day like today it’s so nice to be home and not running from the car to building,
Building to car.


Today I worked off 213 plus calories on this machine. That’s 20 minutes between aerobic and fat burn the whole time.
39.This pace feels like running to me which is a bonus
because I have never been able to run even though I really want to.
Plus this is supposed to be safer on the knees.
I truly was smiling in the face of sweat today.
I had to push myself through those moments where my legs say ,
“No!!! I can’t !”
I think of Jillian saying,
“Yes you can!”
(O.k. So she is Yelling at me. )

If I can do this people,
You can too!
I mean I can be a bit dramatic at times and so I have to fight to get to my inner strength.
I think we all have it,
Sometimes it is buried but dig deep.
You will find it.
Get angry if you have to,
But keep going.

I can’t believe I have gotten to that point but I have.
It doesn’t mean it’s easy.
It is a fight each work out, but I close my eyes and shut out the world and move on.

Which leads me to
40. Channel 818 on Direct TV. My music. It’s called “Today’s Hottest Hits” and it works for me!
I tried a work out music channel and I just could not groove to it.

Maybe because I can sing along or I just like running to Taylor Swift,
But I love this channel for my elliptical mornings.

41. I am loving my water with lemon (or lime or other citrus fruit).


I have gone cold turkey with soda.
No more of that evil drink.
It is addicting and sweet and yummy but I can’t have it.
The carbonation is bad for you and bloats you up.
The sugar or sweetener is not only bad for you, but leaves you wanting more.
So… I am giving it up.
I will allow myself an occasional soda but only on rare occasions.

I find that my body bloats up and I will get into the habit of grabbing a can rather than grabbing some water.

So I am going through detox.
I don’t like the flavored waters and I do not want to drink a sparkling aka carbonated water.
I will fill my glass then refill once empty.
I am trying for my 8 glasses a day,
But that’s hard for me in general, drinking that much of anything.

I encourage you to put a lime in your water if you don’t like water.
You know,
When I go to the spa,
the water just looks delectable with the lemons and lime.
Plus it feels refreshing.
Why not create my own spa feeling?

42. I am grateful for the life of “Big Becky.”
Our first babysitter, she went to her eternal home this week.
She had been suffering for a long period of time with cancer.

My regret – I never went to tell her good-bye.
I have always had a hard time with this.
I would rather remember her as she was in my mind.
This is selfish of me,
But I really have a hard time and could never give last respects to my grandparents or my brother-in-law.
It’s just some kind of block that I can’t break right now.

So I remember the best part about her- her smile. I will never forget it.
Plus she made us something that we had never heard of (and still have never heard of people making)-
Fried crackers. Weird, right?
You take saltines and butter them and fry them.
We thought they were so good!
It was a treat for us.
(The things you think as a child!)
So funny to think about.

I hadn’t seen her in many years,
But she was a part of my youth etched into the good memory section.

I pray for her children, husband and family that they find comfort and peace.

43. For locks on doors, I am sooooo thankful!
Brian and I watched “The Following” last night.
Oh my gosh !
Kevin Bacon is in this new TV series and it is well done,
But scary!

Maybe I should say creepy.
I don’t know.

I had my hands over my eyes through a lot of it.
The premise is about a serial killer and his followers. How he doesn’t even have to be out in society to create havoc.
His followers can do it for him.

And it makes me worry that other crazy people out there will see this and get some odd ideas.

Anyway, it is different than any other show I have seen.
I was huddled in my chair, blanket to my chin.
If you want to watch a movie or show in peace, don’t watch with me.

I will watch it because I need to see the bad guys captured.
Let me know if you have seen it and what you think.

Ok I must move on now,
But have a great day and don’t forget to lock your doors and look in your car before getting in and oh don’t talk to strangers….


2 responses to “Laugh In The Face Of Sweat

  1. All in all, it sounds like AMAZING progress! Good for you!

    Sunrises/sunsets just never capture right. the ones you see that are breathtaking- in photo- were likely 10 times more so, in person.

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