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Mid-Winter Spring

on January 29, 2013


Yesterday and today we have experienced a mid-winter spring.

Beautiful temps just begging for outside time!

So 48. it really is an encouragement for me.
The sun and warmth had me feeling so great!
Breathing in the freshness of life.
It has been just lovely!

That being said, tonight we switch to snow!
Still…the weather has been glorious.

49. Coogee and Cooper and I went on a great stroll today.
Tender toes, they don’t like cold and wet so the past two days have been Heaven for them.
They want to go out and just sit on the grass, listening to life and sniffing the air.
I am happy they had a few wonderful days in the midst of winter.

50. Coogee met up with Barnaby on our walk!
Adorable Barnaby, her friend.
They had played together when younger and we hadn’t seen him for a while so it was a nice treat.
He is a black cocker spaniel, with a stub of a tail that was just wagging away today.
He now has some gray on his chin,
But is so sweet.

Coogee did not want to leave him.
She sat on the road, as I tried to make our way on.
She pulled to go back, but it was time to keep walking.
She finally relented.

Cooper liked Barnaby.
This was their first meeting.
But he was o.k. with continuing the walk.
I hope we see him again soon.

52. Jillian pulled me through again on today’s workout.
“Good abs don’t come for free people!”

53. Yolanda and I are going to start training for the annual 5k.
Our goal is to run the whole way.
We start Monday!
6:00 a.m.
I love having this goal.
I love joining a friend in the pursuit of health.

More moments to come…

54. For being able to laugh at myself… I am grateful.
Last night my parents and brother had dinner with us.
I had extended our table to include more seating, when it was time to make the table smaller, I was pushing it together and unknowingly caught my sweater in it.
So I move to stand up and realize I am stuck.
I struggled for a minute before able to pull the table back apart.
I look over and Brian is smiling at me.
He had seen it all.
Many of these graceful moments in our house.
I had to laugh as I do so often when I am caught in a weird spot.


One response to “Mid-Winter Spring

  1. Laughing at one’s self is a must, from time to time.

    I am so jealous of your spring!

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