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My Thanks Go On

on February 1, 2013


The sun is out and shining brightly today.
Oh how that feels great!
This morning was -7 f/-21 c, and so I am loving every bit of this 23 degrees.

55. Thank God for the sun!
In winter, when night comes quickly, and the walk from the car to the store or home is hardly bearable,
The sun is a much appreciated source of warmth and light.

56. It has been such a blast going house shopping with my parents!
I love house shopping!
You get to experience a glimpse of life in another’s shoes.
“If I lived here I would have this wooded view or this nicely spaced bathroom or this fantastic brick fireplace.”
Or as happened with one home, you go in saying “this feels bad”.
Bad fung shui.

This tops clothes shopping any day of the week.
If I could be a house matchmaker,
I would thrive!
(Ok so realtors have that role, but math is too much in the picture for me…so I have to come up with a different job/title)

57. I am so happy to say contracts have been made for a house my parents love and for a family that loves my parents home.
We pray all goes well as you know it is real estate and anything can happen.

But they are excited and anxious and all of those feelings that come with leaving the home where you raised the children and going to a home that feels like a new chapter of life.

58. For the post office, oh my am I ever grateful!!
I just sent off several packages today, two of which are going to Australia.
It feels great knowing that away they go, over the ocean and into the homes from our family and friends within a week or so.

Amazing isn’t it?!
I always love receiving cards and photos and real mail,
So why not send it?

I used to be really good at “thank you” notes thanks to my folks drilling that habit in.
It’s a good habit and I need to get back to that.

59. Steak is another great part of my life.
I had a pretty good sirloin last night and it just hit the right spot.
Especially when I work out, I need my red meat.

Often I don’t feel “full” because of smarter portion sizes (that’s right “smarter”), but protein always makes a difference.
Plus look at what this study says,

“Australian scientists have found that people who ate a diet high in protein, based on lean red meat, as well as fruit and vegetables, lost 25 per cent more weight over a fixed period of time than those who ate a low protein, carbohydrate-rich diet that contained the same amount of calories and fat.”

So, yes I like my red meat.

Hubby should be home soon.
60. I look forward to a weekend together of who knows what, it doesn’t matter.
Sometimes it is just nice knowing you have someone that is coming home to you.
Maybe we will watch a movie or go to a furniture store or visit with family or friends, as long as we are together,
The weekend looks promising.

Oh yes the Super Bowl is Sunday.
Honestly, not a fan.
I like (sometimes) the commercials and maybe the half time show.
Otherwise you won’t find me cheering anyone on.

I will happily provide appropriate food for Brian and anyone else in the house, but that is the extent of my involvement.
(Let’s face it, it’s not the World Series!)

Lifting a glass for all of you out there!
Have a safe and fantastic weekend.


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