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The Fingerprints

on February 5, 2013



The Fingerprints 

There they were-

the fingerprints.

Left from a curious glance,

a closer look.

Why there?

What was on the other side?

Was it to touch the hands of someone through the glass?

The fingerprints left behind

show a little of the grooves that make up the whole.

But they can never repeat the words said

and the wonder expressed.

As they are wiped away,

clean area replaces smudges of an excited thump.

The fingerprints that replaced the clean surface-

wiped away.

When it’s quiet again and the voices are hushed or 

the being behind the fingerprints

has left the once laughter filled space,

the fingerprints remain.

But just until a look reminds

me that the fingerprints hide a reflective pane.

A reflective pane.

Clear glass waiting for the next touch.

Warm on cool.

Brushing against the shiny and smooth.

Will it be happy giggles,

energetic running,

a playful push,

perhaps a game of tag?

Sure as day,

the fingerprints will return.

Soon enough the spot now free will call me with its cloudy marks.

Reminding me of a full house and joyful sounds.

The fingerprints-

I wipe away.

Staring back at me,

a reflective pane.






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