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The Health Journey Continues

on February 6, 2013


5:30 a.m. and the alarm buzzes me awake.
Coming out of my very real and weird dream,
I realize that I have to get up.
No snooze button today.

Day 2 of 5K training.
It’s the earliest I have been up for a while.
It’s cold outside and dark.
Yolanda will be counting on me to be there.
I will be counting on her.
The “hill” will be easier in April if attacked starting this week.

The 5K I attend every year.
A family that was in our Child Care Center lost their baby to SIDS and I feel it very important to not only support them but the families who have all gone through this tragic kind of loss.

Check out the 5K here:
4th Annual Ava Brown Memorial

So…we did it two days so far this week.

Training days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
We get up and start the day before the sun gets out of bed.

My thanks today is this:
67. I fought the depth of sleep and put both feet forward! Today that was a challenge.
68. We conquered two days of the “hill” like it was a monster trying to hold us back! Take that!
69. Even though its been a while since we trained together,
We did great! That hill felt not half as bad as the first time we basically crawled up it.
70. Yolanda is a great training partner! I enjoy our conversations and therapy sessions.
She and I have the same “yuk morning” attitude so I think it helps to start our day together.
71. I have been able to come home and extend my workout to 10 more minutes on the elliptical.
Today that felt really long but it helps me push myself plus burn an extra 70 plus calories.
72. I heard this quote that has helped my mind

“The scale does not always reflect the work that’s being done.”

I need to remind myself of this because I have learned that my body often will take weeks before showing progress on the scale.

73.I am very content with the fact that there is a fighter living in my body.
She challenges me and tells me that I am worth more.
I have to sometimes push aside self doubt or self pity to get to her,
But she is there
so watch out!

What a week already!
I feel tired most nights,
Which is a good thing.
I am alternating Jillian workouts with the elliptical/5k training and drinking my water and overall trying to make healthy choices.

I am listening to my body and while losing pounds may take longer than I want,
It will happen.

The health journey continues…


2 responses to “The Health Journey Continues

  1. Inspiration! you truly are!

    • yomicfit says:

      Thanks so much!
      It helps to know I am not alone.
      So many of us struggle to fight.
      I am just determined to win the battle right now!:)
      Thanks for your support!

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