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To The Beauty Seen When Opening Our Eyes

on February 8, 2013

Coogee and Cooper Cuddle Up

I have found my challenge to myself (1,000 thanks by Dec. 31) revealing and a bit more difficult than I thought.
It has made me aware of just how fortunate I am and I hope to continue into deeper gratitude.

I am into the second month and have not even provided 100 things to be thankful for yet.
So, I will try to be more vigilant in sharing.

The past several days I have so much to be thankful for!
The things I share are what -in this very moment –
I am so grateful for.

It has to pass through my thoughts and reach my heart.
These are not taken lightly or just items to come up with,
But each is truly important to me.

74. Coogee and Cooper’s friendship is such a fun relationship to be part of!
Coogee has helped Cooper feel safe and like part of the pack.
Cooper has come from such little socialization (before we adopted him) to now the ability to meet other dogs and people cheerfully.
They play together and support each other (backing the other one up with barks and standing right beside him/her) and even cuddle.
I just love them !

75. For my flatiron!


If you have never used one you may not appreciate this,
But let me tell you my hair needed it today to stop the frizzies.
My husband surprised me with this for my bday by getting with our hairdresser to buy me this awesome hair tool!
He had to be sneaky and didn’t let out one clue- what a good man!
I have had a few different flat irons.
My first very good quality one blew up in Australia. (My fault .) After that a few cheap ones.
This one tops them all!
The titanium plates beat the “Chi” any day of the week.

76. My comfy Cardinals tee.


Sometimes this is exactly what I need.
Nothing left to add to that.

77. The scale- today.
I kind of laugh at this one.
I was happy to see a small amount of progress today.
This changes though and I need to not rely on it.
It felt great though after weeks of working out and trying to make healthy food choices.

78. The delicious oatmeal and dark chocolate chip cookies I made. They are a healthier version made with applesauce and 4 cups of oats.
I tell you dark chocolate has become my friend! These “Special Dark” chocolate chips by Hershey are yummy!

Without a sweet snack I will feel as if I am depriving myself and that’s when problems happen.
So by making a healthy cookie,
I not only know exactly goes in it but can feel good about what goes in my body.

I must caution-
I am making sure to be aware of how many I eat.
Always in moderation.

79. For that fun and exciting Wednesday night art class!
I need to be creative and it just provides me with a peace and joy.

80. For a great date night with my husband on Tuesday.
We try to make time to connect and spend quality time together.
Some weeks more so than others.
It is always reassuring of how deep our love goes and how God has grown it to expansive grounds.
How lucky I am!

Just a side note – for those who fear the commitment and “bondage” of marriage- I feel bad that you are missing out on the beauty that lies within these walls. There is so much freedom in loving another unconditionally and having it returned.

81. For my fellow bloggers and readers and supporters!
Comments can be so uplifting and fuel me to keep posting.
As you know, blogging is a great way to journal ” out loud” and share with so many people you would never have met otherwise.
Thanks for the love!!

(Raising my wine glass)-
Here’s to a great weekend,
To loving those around us as if it was our last day,
And to the beauty seen when opening our eyes!


One response to “To The Beauty Seen When Opening Our Eyes

  1. Angie says:

    I have just nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:
    Please accept my kind regards without any obligation. This is my thanks for being such a wonderful supporter and inspiration to me.

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