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Fit Tuesday

on February 13, 2013


Fat Tuesday was not in my mind today.
I refused to let myself go there.
To let myself think that it doesn’t matter what I put in my body today.
I can not go to that unhealthy thought pattern that holidays and special events have always become for me.
Today was “fit Tuesday” as a rebellion against the norm.

I am worth more.

My thanks today revolves around fitness and health that I am trying so hard to make my new habit.

82. I am so grateful for healthy literature.
Today I picked up Weight Watchers Magazine to inspire me and keep me motivated.

I have found that I need to absorb health tips to keep my mind focused.

I loved this article about walking.
They even gave you a playlist for a 20 minute walk.


83. For my adorable walking buddies.
The dogs and I took a walk this afternoon at a brisk pace.
Cooper struggled.
Poor guy.
I really thought he was going to just flop down, as he has done before.
But he didn’t and they seemed to enjoy getting out of the house.

84. It was so nice to add a little more exercise to my day.
It was a “Jillian” day and boy was it tough today.
I am not sure why that was,
But I was so happy to finish the 20 plus minute workout.
So to find extra energy after my errands to go out walking with my buddies was a bonus.

85. Thank God for those moments when I can beat the negative thoughts away.
There have been self doubts trying to attack my self esteem.

Thoughts come honestly after watching a show where I see someone I want to look like. Or putting on clothes that don’t look right. Or seeing my reflection in a store window.
I was thin. I looked so much better before…
And then you know how the words fill your thoughts.
“I will not get back to that .”
“I can’t do it.”
“I will never be thin.”
And so on…

Self pity likes to attack when I feel vulnerable. It’s ugly.
So I have to stop these cancers.
I can’t let them eat away at the truth.

The truth is:
86. I am capable of anything I set my mind on.
87. I will be as healthy as I can be each day.
88. God is on my side and providing the strength I need to combat negativity, bad habits and slacking off.
89. I have great support who love me no matter what.
90. I am beautiful.
God doesn’t make ugly.

And finally this:
I am made for more than this.
I am made to go and do.
I am made to be the best I can be and that means not giving in to the negative.

So today was
“Fit Tuesday” for me.
Tomorrow I will do it again.
For me.


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