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Good News Wednesday

on February 13, 2013



My March “Health” magazine arrived today.

I always love the new issues!

Bright pages full of stories and facts and recipes and exercises.

Any new magazine is a joy to receive in the mail!

So what do I find upon opening the pages?

A great fact!

91.  “folks who watched a 90 minute horror flick burned, on average, 113 calories.”

Well, it just so happens that Brian and I have been watching “The Following,”

which is a definite heart pounding show!

It’s not 90 minutes, but I know that I burn some calories.

I go from huddling up to jumping to screaming to laughing at myself screaming.

This show is very well done.  A must see (with lights on, in the daytime, doors locked).

So does this classify as a mini-workout?  

92.  My body is now craving water!  Not soda, but plain water.

Finally I think I have passed the hurdle of really wanting a big coke.

(No Pepsi in this household please.)

I still do like the taste of coke, but I feel so thirsty if I don’t get enough water in.

The challenge for me was the willpower to say “No.”

I am not saying it’s over for soda, but definitely not a go-to, quick grab.

93.  I feel a butterfly is emerging out of her cocoon.

Slowly, I am turning to exercise and health to rejuvenate me.

It is a process and a fight some days.

Yet, I know that my body is changing.  I know that inside of me, I am become stronger.

I have to remind myself of all that I have learned.

I need my reading materials and even “The Biggest Loser” to motivate that inner sleeping beauty.

Constantly challenging myself to do more or question what is going in my mouth.

Each day is one step closer to breaking free of this shell that holds me back.

94.  We have a new piece of furniture arriving today.

Brian’s recliner has lost it’s battle with age and ugliness.

We found a double recliner that is a carmel leather with an arm rest and cup holders between the seats.

Now I know what you are thinking- best cuddle couch to watch “The Following!!”

(Oh, was that not what you were thinking?)

Anyway, we were questioning the looks of it.

We think it looks classier than a “normal” recliner,

it’s not poofy (technical recliner talk) and the carmel color is so smooth and rich.

But…we were told that our house looked like a “Starbucks” and I hate to ruin that look.

We love it’s comfort and the fact that we will be able to sit together and hold hands while watching a show or reading. (Awwww..)

We shall see…I am anxiously awaiting the furniture truck.

95.  The sun is out and we are 1 day closer to Spring.

We weren’t covered by snow like the New England area.

The dogs and I have been able to walk after lunch without freezing.

It’s been great!

96.  Banana Joe got “Best In Show!”

Westminster got it right. 

This guy is the cutest affenpinscher!

Brian and I saw him lose out to some other dog recently in a show.

Plus Swagger (old english sheepdog) was named the Reserved Best In Show.

Both my picks. 

Both super cuddly!  

This is Banana Joe:


Did you fall in love?


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