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Choose To Love Emphatically

on February 15, 2013


Expensive flowers, chocolates galore, heart everything, hard-to-get reservations, a million choices of cards…

Has Valentine’s Day run amuck?

I feel bad for all of my single friends who often feel alone and depressed on this one day.
Ask them if they like Valentine’s Day & you will get a resounding “No!”

I get that and only hope they go out with girlfriends or someone just for the fun of it.
To say, ” Uh uh. You aren’t taking my joy, V day!”
Pal-intine’s Day it is.
Big hug to you all !!

As far as I am concerned,
I feel it necessary and exciting!

I get to show my husband how much I love him!

And while, yes, we should always do this…it doesn’t happen.
Real life takes over well intentioned thoughts and you don’t end up
Making that romantic dinner or giving a special gift or sharing your feelings or
Finding a special card.

So a day laid out for me,
To actually take the time to express my love in special ways is important.

Besides that-
I am so lucky to have my soul mate next to me.
My single friends would give anything to celebrate this day with someone they love.
I must appreciate what I have.

Why would anyone complain that they have to give their spouse or partner gifts?

Aren’t they worth it?

If they were gone, wouldn’t it be a shame that you didn’t go out of your way to show them how much they mean to you?

Who cares if pink threw up in every store and hearts are in every food product?!
Embrace it.

Brian and I have a special flower-
“Fire and Ice” roses.
To me they look like an inside-out flower.
They are white with red trim.
He used to get them for me every month on our anniversary and would send the sweetest cards!
He wanted to make sure I knew how much I meant to him.
He put it all out there!

So now when he sends me these flowers,
They mean that he still wants me to know how much I mean to him.
That he would go all out for me…still.
After 20 plus years since our first date.

The cards we get each other express our thoughts in ways we don’t say every day.

The day is meant to deepen relationships.

How does it happen without becoming vulnerable and opening your heart?

So you risk a blank stare,
A reaction not equal to your passion.
Yes, it’s a bold idea to share feelings.
Scary yet honest.
Your heart exposed.

It is worth it.
I know.
A deeper connection.
Better communication.
The thing you hold on to when nothing else seems right with the world.
The memory that imprints on your heart.
It is worth it.

We have learned over the years that love is doing things for the other that you may not enjoy
(without complaining) because they are worth it.
(Laundry, dishes, going to the store…)

Holding my tongue or sharing the last cookie,
Watching a movie I don’t like or going to his choice of restaurant,
It may seem huge at the time to me,
But how much larger does it increase our hearts?!

Yes we have grown from those petty fights that would last days.

We have become partners,
Seeking each others advice and trying to give more than we take.

Valentine’s Day is more meaningful for me now.

I know love can overcome struggles and just how crucial it is to share how much you love the other.

And if it costs more money on this one day than any other time of year?
Brian is worth it and then some.

Don’t take love for granted.
Don’t complain over the price of roses.
Know that what you have may not be there tomorrow.
Express your love in the biggest way today.

Be daring.
Choose to love emphatically!


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