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Miles of Thanks

on February 16, 2013



I have so much to be thankful for, 

 here is just a few.

97.  Brian got me the best gift ever!  A Nike Fuel Band.

This thing is so great!  We both have one so that we can not only support each other, 

but probably more realistically compete.

Yes, we both have a competitive nature.

You set goals for how active you would like to be and it measures your activity.

There is a chip that is in the band that syncs to the app on our phones.

We can see how many steps we have walked, 

how many calories burned and how many points toward our activity goal.

It is awesome!!

Check it out at

Hopefully this will lead us to the best fitness of our lives.


98.  We are going on a date tonight

So excited.  It’s actually a surprise where, but so fantastic that Brian took the time and energy to set something up for us.

He works very hard and is so busy, so I appreciate the effort to make room for “us” time.

99.  My Vet Loves My Dogs

I love Dr. Popp!  He makes sure to answer my questions and calm my fears.

He remembers them when they come in and gives them treats happily.

He loves Cooper’s cute face and had him “talking” while he laughingly grabbed some treats.

It makes me feel so good that I have a vet and the assistants who I can trust.

I have been somewhere that was not warm.

The doctor never seemed thrilled to see Coogee, it was actually upsetting to go there.

So…my advice is to switch if you aren’t happy.

There are vets that really love animals and their job.

100.  I had a fun trivia event last night.

There are a lot of different charities that will host a trivia night to raise money.

You get a group of 8 – 10 per table and there are 10 different themes with 10 questions per theme.

There are games in between where you pay a couple of dollars and guess true or false or

heads or tails…  Silent auctions and food accompany the activities.

It’s a great time, not that I am a huge help.

I have found that everyone has an area where they feel confident about knowing some answers.

101. Our new piece of furniture works great in the space.

I was so worried we wouldn’t love it, but we do!

It’s great that we can sit together and hold hands if we want to.


102.  The scale has not gone up.

Yeah!  I am focusing on that rather than how quickly it should be moving down.

How easy it is to find the negative in your success.

And really there is no negative.

I am working on a goal.

I am moving forward.

Mile by mile.

It’s happening.

103.  I am reaching my goal of fitness and health.

I am feeling stronger in mind and body.

Last night I looked at the nutrition guide while going out to make wise choices.

And I was happy with it and didn’t feel the need to cry for not getting something very fattening.

I even turned down some pizza that I used to love because it turned my stomach just looking at the grease.

104.  I am loving the Yoplait frozen smoothies.

You just add a cup of apple juice and blend away.

Love the strawberry banana! 


More thanks to come…

Miles and miles of thanks!



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