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The Earth Is Filled With His Glory

on February 19, 2013


More thankfulness to share with you.
Some more thought provoking than others, I hope you can relate to my feeling of grateful and yet humbled by all I have.


105.. I love these shoes my sis gave me for Christmas!
I finally had a chance to wear them when Brian & I went out Saturday night.
Do you know they were some of the most comfortable heels I have?
Love them!!

106. I am thankful for my friend, Elisa, who called me yesterday.
She lives in Melbourne, Australia and is like a sister to me.
It is just always great to hear her voice and be a part of her life.
She has let me in & opened her heart to me.
It is a very trusting relationship when you can become vulnerable with someone.
I feel loved knowing that she has trusted me.

I feel great that God has led us to each other from across the world!

She has the most beautiful words and her connection to The Lord flows through to me.
I learn so much from her wisdom and she allows me to speak words I know God wants her to hear.
She takes them in with gratefulness and that is a gift in itself.

107. For email & FaceTime, I am so grateful!
I can connect with my family far away as if they are right next to me.
This helps when I just need to see the kids faces or hear their little voices.
When I want to feel like a part of my sisters family, I can use face time and there they are!
It is such an amazing part of technology!

108. For scented candles!
I made tacos last night and the smell still lingers.
So…thank God for the candles I am burning right now.

109. For the Word of God.
I needed to reflect this morning.
I was feeling thirsty for more than just any word.
We have many Bibles in our house and to just be able to take one off of the shelf and read His words,
People have died transporting this “book.”
People have died because they have read it.
Is it dangerous?
Because if you receive what it truly says,
You know that it doesn’t matter what you have or what happens to you.
Love. The love of God beats out all of the negative.

You can live free when you trust and connect with the truth.
So I must practice and appreciate the Word of God.

110. For the unending gifts showered upon me.
My Father has shown me time and again that He waits for me and that He would do anything for me.
The past day or two I have felt This awareness of what He will do for me.
That everyday He is showing me
if only
I see.

“My peace be with you.”
I have felt Him say over and over the past several days.
My focus for the week.
Be at one with His peace.
Block out the distractions and meditate on that loving thought.

“Holy,holy, holy is The Lord of Hosts!
All the earth is filled with his glory!”
Isaiah 6:3



2 responses to “The Earth Is Filled With His Glory

  1. I love seeing your faith here at this blog…keep the blessings coming my friend.

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