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“Q” Finally Has The Stage

on February 20, 2013

The Weather Channel’s Outlook

So we may be getting a little snow and ice in the next 24 hours.
Welcome winter.
They have named this system “Q”.
Funny q is usually such a limited letter,
Finally it takes the stage.

111. Thank God for the weather men and women.
We get a chance to prepare for the possible worst.
So we run out and buy salt for the drive, ice scrapers and food.
If it doesn’t get as bad as expected,
we are prepared for the next go round.
If it does happen, we are ready.

To be able to have advance warning,
Is amazing.
To be able to discuss what to do if you lose power and have a plan is invaluable.

112. For the drought ridden areas getting much needed moisture, it is a blessing.
Farmers can tell you how bad it is in certain areas.
Crops need the snow and precipitation.
And we all are affected when we go to the store to buy the fruit and vegetables they provide.

113. For sweaters and blankets and heaters and warmth.
We are going to need these much loved methods to relieve the outside frigid temperatures.

114. Books and more books.
How fantastic to be able to cuddle in with a great story!
The imagination can run wild with the imagery on the pages.

115. For the mop I know I will be using after 8 little paws get in from the wet snow.
Need I say more ?
All you pet parents know what I am talking about.

Anyone else getting snowed in or affected by “Q,”
I will be thinking of you and praying for your warmth and safety.


One response to ““Q” Finally Has The Stage

  1. Here, in Montreal we have had a nasty winter too. For the past several years we have been spoiled so this year I find myself not wanting to brave the weather. It is frigid, blowing, icy cold with a huge accumulation but when the sun shines on the white stuff – wow – heaven sent!

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