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Photo Journal of Thanks

on February 25, 2013



Winter Storm Q dropped about 6 – 8 inches of snow mixed with ice locally.

This was that night after Brian and I had shoveled 3 different times to make a potty path and clear the driveway.

116.  It was hilarious to see Coogee running only on the cleared paths with Cooper trailing behind her.

I had shovel in hand and she would  run as fast as she could up and down the trail behind me.

You could tell she thought it was so fun to have an almost tunnel like space to roam.

Cooper just kind of trailed along,

a little slower,

occasionally stopping by the door as if to say “Please can we go in.”

They would start to wonder off of the path and then sink down to almost chest level.

Coogee wasn’t quite sure of what to make of that so she stuck to the clearings.

Friday morning,

they were able to walk across the frozen snow without sinking in.

This became a new adventure as they decided it was better than the path.

Then came the sun and some melting began,

which left them confused as they sunk into the wetness again.

Another blast is coming through, sure to bring more winter fun.

I am sure these guys will give me plenty more to laugh at.Image

117. My fantastic salad for my family.

I put together a mix of spinach and romaine lettuce with tomatoes, peppers, almonds, dried cranberries and freshly grated parmesan.  It was fresh and crisp with a light balsamic vinaigrette.

This went perfect with the ahi tuna my sister prepared for us.


118.  My family gathered together to celebrate birthdays (and so much more…)

We had a great weekend of laughing and eating (of course) and reconnecting.

With people in all different directions, it is not the easiest task to get everyone together.

We had all but Bek (she does live in Australia) and her family.

Bek sent videos which was a great way for her to be a part of the activities.

My older brother turned 40, which was the main reason for our parties.

He was the first one to really dare me and challenge me.

I think that is why I am not as hesitant to go on new adventures.

We went through memorabilia that was being sorted by my mom as she and dad pack up the house for the big move.

It was great (and slightly cringe worthy at times) as my brother read his story written in the 7th grade.  It was fantastically clever and had us all rolling in laughter.

So many moments shared…



119.  Our Godson loving on the dogs and being his happy-go-lucky self.

Evan is so sweet.  He is one and has been raised with dogs, so he loves them.

He would hug and kiss Coogee and Cooper and nicely pet them. 

Poor little guy has some teeth coming in so his nose is runny and cheeks are red and he hasn’t been sleeping on a normal schedule.

But man is he such a good sport, ready to play with us at any given moment.

(Poor James and Sheena could use an extra night or two of sleep.)

His parents made the announcement that they are expecting number 2,

so there is another blessing to join in the family fun.

They make great parents, so I am sure another little one will double their joy 

(Well and their work, but they can handle it.).

How fantastic that they were able to make it this weekend!

We never seem to have enough time together.




120.  Snow Ice Cream!

Will and Kim are newly engaged.  

It happened while in Australia and the whole family is happy for them.

They shared photos of the trip and we got to be part of their vacation.

They seem to be just what the other needs.

So, Kim made us all snow ice cream which really solidifies her place as a new sister in my mind.  

I just don’t think we could be luckier to have these fantastic spouses for our siblings!


122.  MMM. Chocolate Cake from Cheesecake Factory.

We all had our forks in hand as we just started stabbing away at it in between bites of snow ice cream.

Thanks to Melissa for bringing this fantastic treat!

She also made us egg beaters breakfast.

It was also so fun working out with her on Saturday morning!

It was Great to spend some time together.


123.  After a busy and full weekend, we had no problem sleeping.

Bellies and hearts equally stuffed.

What a great weekend to celebrate all of the birthdays and mom and dad’s new house and a new baby and an engagement!

Once again I must say that God is good and through it all,

I will always be able to rely on my family.

What more could I want or need?

Thanks to all of my family for making the trip, spending the money, taking the time, sparing the hugs and gathering together.

Wherever you are, 

Whatever you do,

We will always be

With each other in spirit.

I love you each.





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