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Stuck In Snow Driven Thanks

on February 27, 2013


124.  I am so thankful for MODOT (Misssouri Dept. of Transportation) for keeping on top of all the snow dumped on us this past week.

Thank God we aren’t snowed in.

The streets are very drivable and despite having over a foot of snow,

we are able to make appointments and go to work and run errands.

If only we all had access to a big truck with plow,

because the heavy snow nearly breaks your back and the ice leaves you frustrated as

the shovel comes to a screeching halt when it hits that immovable force.

Alas, I am very happy to say our SUV accepted  the challenge of piles of snow mixed with ice.

Not willing to go out in the ugly and cold yesterday,

the shoveling didn’t happen before we had an appointment to go over taxes.

Needless to say, the end of the driveway almost jeered at us,

with its big, ugly and somewhat crunchy mountain.

Like I said, (125.) our SUV went over and through the mess while I held my breath.

We are much more fortunate than some to our north who lost electricity.

The weight of heavy snow breaking branches,

building roofs have collapsed and power lines plummeted to streets and sidewalks.

Yes, we narrowly missed the worst of this past storm. (126.)

Coogee and Cooper are no longer finding adventure in the snow,

but are having a really hard time trying to fight their way across the expansive mounds.

They will suddenly sink deep into the snow and look almost shocked.

Cooper has to really push himself on, while Coogee does her best jump to get out of the hole she created.

They will be so happy to see grass.

I too will be happy to have this all gone,

but I know it will create flooding.

All this moisture has to go somewhere.

The good news is that it should help the farmers out a bit.

The bad news is there will be a lot of mud and water for a while.

We will get through it but it will require a lot of mopping.

As I write snow is still falling.

Not anything that will bring about more accumulation.

But here we are at the end of February and it feels as if winter has just arrived.

I eagerly await the sun and warmth of spring.

Til then,

I will be stuck in my snow driven thanks to warm my heart.


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