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This Is The Day


This is the day that the LORD has made;
let us rejoice
and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Happy Easter!

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Doggone Time – Where Has It Gone


This is Cooper.
Begging to play.

I could almost hear his plea,
“Now?! Now will you play?!”

Oh he wasn’t alone.
Coogee joined in.


I have been pretty busy lately with helping my parents move into their new home.

The dogs weren’t the only ones begging for attention.
Also Brian was giving me his puppy eyed “Now?! Now do you have time for me?!” Look, too.

Happily my parents are mostly done with the unpacking now,
So all can return to normal in our home.
All my babies can rest in the fact that I will be able to spend more time loving them.

Last week I was drowning in boxes.
Boxes and boxes full of dishes, pictures, nick nacs, clothes….
Truck loads full of memories being hauled and carted and toted and dragged,
Up and down stairs,
In and around and over.

I do not feel the need to move for quite a while after experiencing the aches of it all.

Saying good-bye to our childhood home was not as hard for me.
I had said fare well a long time ago.

There is a new family to fill the walls with all of those great and noisy sounds.

The new house is but five minutes from us.
It felt like love at first sight for mom and dad.
Never dreaming it was possible as it was out of reach in price and then there was a drop.

Meant to be?
I feel it was.

There is an intimate kind of charm to the “hearth room” with the brick fireplace begging for a fire.
The kitchen already host to several meals, waiting for the echoes of laughter.

The large windows peeking out over the expansive yard has already spied
Boys sledding with gusto
And deer enjoying the feed meant for birds.

A dining room table big enough for our oversized family is ready for our Easter gathering.

The “parlor,” a work in progress,
Will be a luxury when guests overflow the other rooms.

So many stories will be told.
Jokes and parties.
Prayers and I am sure tears.
Furniture still to be bought will provide comfort for tired bodies and spaces to lounge or share or just hold the precious people who enter.

A new home.
Full of adventures and experiments and delightful smells of
Another cake mom has made for someone’s birthday.

The sounds of the hammer against nail as dad fixes a broken something.

The cats have also found new spots to sit and hide and run and of course snuggle.


I can’t wait to share in what will come
And see how this home holds our family.

In a sense,
We have a new home, too.
In reality they could have moved anywhere and we would have made it our families centerpiece.
But I am happy in this home,
as it seems to fit us just right.


The Art Of It All



So here I am again, folks, slacking on my thanks.

Not that I don’t recognize people, places and things to be thankful for during the day, 

but I haven’t shared them lately with you and that means I didn’t write them down.

This week seems to be all about the beauty of art.

I love paintings and lithographs and sculptures and in the big scheme of things architecture and plays and music of all sorts.

So…it started out actually last weekend.

 132. We had our “daughter” Precious with us again, as my friend was in Chicago.

We just love her and enjoy the activity and energy a teen brings to our home.

We had a zumba night on her first night.

I find dance artistic and creative and freeing.

Much like painting.

133.  We had such a great time laughing and moving and trying to learn what seemed like hundreds of moves. 

Did I mention sweating?  Because we were dripping!

We then came home and were catching up on American Idol, 

a show both Precious and I love to watch.

134.  Finally someone to talk about the contestants with!

What does that say about me, that I can only find a teen to discuss a show I love?

Unfortunately I was a bad “mom” and didn’t keep track of the time.

I kept her up too late, ugh.  I felt so bad the next day when dropping her off at school.

I did get up and make her breakfast though.  (Am I trying to make myself feel better or what?)

Oh well, on the positive side of that, we had fun and I am not really her mom so I can do that.

135.  Precious and I went to a retreat at church on Saturday. It was a good reflective day for us both.

We were involved in creating a fantastic poem and enjoyed some amazing witnesses and testimonies of God’s healing love.

Honestly I was a little worried that the day may seem a bit boring for Precious, 

but she actually had a nice time and was so mature.

Anything reflective seems a little artsy to me, and the whole day kind of tapped into my spirit that craves inspiration.

136.  We then enjoyed a nice dinner out at my favorite Italian restaurant.

It was nice to sit and chat and just be.

We were tired from the busy schedule, but were determined to go to a movie after we ate.

137.  We went to see “Safe Haven”, the Nicholas Sparks book/movie.

I loved it!  I actually devoured the book.

The book was fast and suspenseful and had me jumping.

The movie was not able to carry out the same feeling to me, 

but it was still an exciting film.

138.  On Monday, I went to this ladies house where art had exploded throughout the house.  It felt like a museum where I could spend days looking at each piece.

Most of the art is religious in nature.

All beautifully done.

Here are some photos.







There were different sculptures and every piece of furniture had a unique twist.

It was a visual feast.







139.  I was able to attend a play that Precious drama class was performing.

This was a moment of pride and wonder.  These students did all of the writing and acting and created a program and the props.

It was cleverly done.



140.  Last night was another wine and art class.

I absolutely love these!  My friend Staci joined me in this adventure.

We have a great time together but it’s not always easy finding time with crazy schedules.



This time we worked on some veggies.

So many techniques, so little time.

Here is my progression:



(Turned Sideways so I can get to each side easier.)



Looks a little messy, but I promise it gets better.



So, I make a huge mess as I work.

Lots of plates full of paint, splattered colors on my fingers and balled up paper towels.

But…it is so much fun.

Plus she turned on Pandora to the “Jack Johnson” station,

which really hit my creative nerve just right.



And finally,

drumroll please 



I am pretty happy with this.

I mean it started out a blank canvas.

It’s not show quality, but it is a reflection of techniques and my vision for this work.

What is amazing is that in a class of 8, 

each person’s painting looked so different than the others.

A mirror perhaps of the artist in some way.

Maybe next week will be about sound,

but I have been saturated it seems in visual stimulation this week 

and I couldn’t be happier about that!


Note To Self

Image  This letter is written to me.  To the “Me” now.  

Not as fit as I would like to be.

From the healthier and leaner “me” (which I hope is not too long from now.)

This is my visualization.


Dear me,

Right now you feel at times frustrated and quite frankly…fat.

You don’t always believe you can do it.  

That you can actually get back to that healthier you.

That desirable and attractive woman.

You sometimes feel ugly and lost.

Like you don’t fit in anywhere.


But here I am.  Fit and healthy and the best version of myself!

I am strong and determined and I achieved this goal of losing the excess baggage to get to the beauty.

What I shed along the way though was not just weight.

It was unhealthy thoughts.

And that weighed more than any fat on your body.


I have always been beautiful.

People see what I project, and no matter my weight,

when I put out my inner shine, all will see it.

Work on your confidence.


I have many goals and dreams and it’s o.k. that right now I seem to be finding out where to go next.

My decision for today is for just that- today.

I have many talents and can accomplish any task I see fit.

It doesn’t matter what other people think you should do,

or where they want you to go…

follow your own heart and path.

Their judgment of you is about themselves.

Be confident in what you do everyday and make no apologies.


Those foods that you crave,

are always available.

You don’t need to eat more than necessary or cut yourself off from them.


Keep seeing yourself as fit.

Visualize and make it happen.

Keep adding those healthy choices.

One day your cravings will be more for the healthier foods.

Keep working out and doing what your intuition tells you.

The weight will fall away when you are resting.


Don’t allow negative thoughts to interfere with the truth.

You are beautiful.

You are naturally thin.

You are made for something big that will be revealed one day soon.

You are going to fulfill those dreams, one at a time.


No matter what today or tomorrow brings,

you are full of the knowledge on what to do.

You have the tools and 

you will reach your goal.

I am here looking at you and waiting.

We got this.





“It Starts With One”


Be warned,
This movie is hard to watch.
Gut wrenching.
And it will impact you!

This is a must see!
Not only for children, but for the parents and teachers and administration.
Not only that but for all of us,
So that we may pick up the slack left by so many adults.

The lives of 3 children, victims of bullies, are followed.

You watch helplessly as they are called names, hit, choked (yes choked), made fun of, and hurt over and over.

Tears streamed down my face as I felt my heart wanting to reach out to each one of these children.

Two families shared the stories of their sons who each took their own life after years of torment.

One family had consistently had meetings with teachers and administrators.
All of whom reacted as if this was a “boys will be boys” attitude.
They were left feeling helpless.
And obviously their son felt it deeply.
To the point where death looked better than facing another day in school.

Nothing was done to protect these kids.

You watch as one of the bullied boys, Alex, is confronted by his father in a way that is infuriating.
He is harshly telling him to just stand up for himself.
He puts all of the responsibility on Alex.
No comfort.
No compassion.
No reasonable discussion on what to do.

His mother blames Alex.
You see him shut down.
He doesn’t know what to say.
You see his defeat.
No reassurance that he is a great person.
No hug.
No understanding.
Just blame.

The production went to the parents and showed them the video of the bus ride where boys were choking Alex!
(The bus driver never saying or doing a thing.)
The parents didn’t change their attitude toward Alex,
They now had another person to blame- the school.
The assistant principal reacts absurdly idiotic!
She doesn’t seem to have an iota of knowledge when it comes to dealing with bullies.
“This does happen on buses.”
The parents felt as if she “politianed” them.
I can’t describe this lady adequately,
You must see this.
I hope she was fired after this show has aired.

Another girl is being bullied because she is gay,
And is not only being made fun of by kids but the teachers say amazingly harsh things to her.
The parents said they would move, but she doesn’t want to.
She has some supportive friends and a hope for a better tomorrow.

What is amazing to me is her light.
She has this charisma that draws you in.

I just want to tell these children
(And any being bullied)
One day this very thing that makes you different,
God will use in a big way to do something great.
What draws some people to you today in a negative way,
Will one day draw so many others in a positive light.
You have a spark.
A magnet that is beautiful and powerful.
One day this will be recognized by all around you.
You may be their boss or be onto even bigger things.
You are special- in a good way.
Sometimes others just don’t know what to do with that.
Some adults may look the other way,
Some think they are being helpful but are actually causing more pain,
Some try but get nowhere with the system that has failed to protect you.
We are all human.
This is their wake up call.
You are not alone.
It may feel that way now, but there are others just like you. Waiting for acceptance.

You can make a difference.
Share this movie with all around you.

Pass on the word.
Take a stand.

Here are some links for you to
Help guide your actions.
Provide support.
Give ideas of how to make a difference.
Lead your community in education and bully awareness.

The Bully Project

Speak Up

No Bull Challenge

Love Is Louder

Not In Our School

Even as an adult,
You may still be feeling the effects of childhood bullying.
This is your chance to do something.

I don’t have a story of being bullied,
But it doesn’t mean I can’t feel compassion.
I don’t have children,
But it doesn’t mean I can’t be involved.

So many problems come from victims having no safe place.
We are the problem, if not part of the solution.

There are schools out there acknowledging this and providing support systems.
There are teachers looking out for victims.
But more schools need to get on board.
See the problem.
Take the blinders off.
Have a victim support group.
Teach the students how to stand up for each other.
Take bullying seriously.

At the end of the film you watch as the boys’ families ( that are left with an empty seat at dinner and at Christmas and an empty bedroom),
Lead community wide rally’s.

There is hope.
We can teach our children how to step up and provide support if you see another being picked on.
To give that child hope.
To provide the voice that is silenced by emotional and physical abuse.

Spread the word.
Get involved and watch this film.

It starts with one.



Slight Panic, Then Relief


Last week I felt great!
I have been working out and eating mostly healthy food- which by the way, I feel strongly that you shouldn’t give up everything you love to eat.
(Moderation, yes. Deprivation, not necessarily.)

And then it happened.
The wall.
The weekend of food.
The shift in my mood.

Jolted from my “Yes! I am doing it!”
By the lovely scale on Monday morning.

Why do I weigh every morning?!
I know I shouldn’t but I want to see the progress so badly.

Pounds. Several pounds jumped onto my body.

What the…?!!!!
That many?!!!

Suddenly I was angry and frustrated and depressed.
It shouldn’t be this difficult.
I shouldn’t have to worry about every single bite I take.

I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) which basically is a hormone problem where my body doesn’t use insulin the way it should.
It revolves around my fertility (or lack of).
Many many women suffer from this.
I take Metformin to help with the insulin issue.

PCOS is bad because you have a slight chance of actually ovulating.
Bonus side effect (among many)- you can gain weight or have a very hard time getting rid of it.
Which I must say, I have found true.

Side note- great website for support and information:

So…I was reveling in self pity.
Why?! I should be down like 10 pounds!
Big fat tears rolling down my cheeks when I remember my twin sent us a book that she loved.

The Gabriel Method
By Jon Gabriel.

After sharing my woes with Brian,
And being properly consoled,
I picked up the book and started reading.

Jon’s story was very compelling and instantly I had to read more.
He had gained lots of weight and was over 400 pounds when he started researching like mad!
He lost over 220 pounds with no surgery and no diet.
He has no signs of being overweight.

So of course I am intrigued.
I have never heard of his theory before and I hadn’t heard it put the way he has described why we get “fat.”

I really don’t want to do any injustice here to his method, so I would just recommend you read his story or go to his site.

I will tell you there is the fact that you must add nutrition in, but he would never say to give up anything.

There is a lot of visualization prompted with c.d.’s if you would like.
There is one right before bed to help you imagine yourself with your ideal body- whatever that may be.
I find it goes along with project positive and you will get positive.

See it and you will achieve it.

But the meat of it speaks on why you gained weight and helps you get to the heart of the issues so that you may resolve these.

So far,
It was what I needed, when I needed it.

I will continue to challenge my nutrition and work out 5-6 times a week.
But now I will
Add visualization.

Lesson I learned so far this week,
Stay focused on the positive.
Focus and see the weight gone.
It will happen!

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Thank Full Weekend


My apologies for not writing as often lately.

I sometimes get into a funk where I have no words to express my gratitude or emotions or triumphs or failures.

This past weekend was full- mainly of food and friends!

Friday started out with a trip to Sams Club to pick up supplies for an upcoming retreat.
Oh first came dinner at Houlihans.
You can not shop hungry at Sams.

127. I had a fantastic blueberry, strawberry salad.
Very fresh and light.
Followed by some seared scallops.
Plus they have Key lime pie martinis!
You know I had one of those.


We had a great time chatting and then walking off dinner in the huge warehouse that Sams Club is.
It was a nice way to start the weekend.

Saturday involved my usual –
wake up, take the dogs out and workout.

I felt the need for my Yoga Booty Ballet.
128. I can never go wrong when following my instincts.
This was just what I needed.
The yoga leaves me more centered and the 45 minutes felt like 10 because I enjoy it so much.

Followed by Brian bringing me Starbucks hot chocolate after returning from work.
129.. This treat is great after my workout and leaves me ready for the rest of the day.

I then attended a wedding reception for a girl who used to work for me.
The table was full of my previous staff and it was great to catch up and laugh and make future get together plans. (130.)
We enjoyed looking at photos, as the couple got married in Vegas.
The cake was beautifully done and it tasted so sweet.


On Sunday, we were invited to a wine tasting and food pairing party.


131. The perfect way to spend a Sunday in my book.
Trying new wine and little tastings of what each is best a compliment to.

It was a very nice weekend!
As I said, full of food and friends.
What more could a girl want?