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Thank Full Weekend

on March 5, 2013


My apologies for not writing as often lately.

I sometimes get into a funk where I have no words to express my gratitude or emotions or triumphs or failures.

This past weekend was full- mainly of food and friends!

Friday started out with a trip to Sams Club to pick up supplies for an upcoming retreat.
Oh first came dinner at Houlihans.
You can not shop hungry at Sams.

127. I had a fantastic blueberry, strawberry salad.
Very fresh and light.
Followed by some seared scallops.
Plus they have Key lime pie martinis!
You know I had one of those.


We had a great time chatting and then walking off dinner in the huge warehouse that Sams Club is.
It was a nice way to start the weekend.

Saturday involved my usual –
wake up, take the dogs out and workout.

I felt the need for my Yoga Booty Ballet.
128. I can never go wrong when following my instincts.
This was just what I needed.
The yoga leaves me more centered and the 45 minutes felt like 10 because I enjoy it so much.

Followed by Brian bringing me Starbucks hot chocolate after returning from work.
129.. This treat is great after my workout and leaves me ready for the rest of the day.

I then attended a wedding reception for a girl who used to work for me.
The table was full of my previous staff and it was great to catch up and laugh and make future get together plans. (130.)
We enjoyed looking at photos, as the couple got married in Vegas.
The cake was beautifully done and it tasted so sweet.


On Sunday, we were invited to a wine tasting and food pairing party.


131. The perfect way to spend a Sunday in my book.
Trying new wine and little tastings of what each is best a compliment to.

It was a very nice weekend!
As I said, full of food and friends.
What more could a girl want?


2 responses to “Thank Full Weekend

  1. wisejourney says:

    food and friends…perfect (me too)

  2. Fitwellmom says:

    That sounds like a great weekend! That cake sure is beautiful. Cheers to a great week 🙂

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