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Slight Panic, Then Relief

on March 6, 2013


Last week I felt great!
I have been working out and eating mostly healthy food- which by the way, I feel strongly that you shouldn’t give up everything you love to eat.
(Moderation, yes. Deprivation, not necessarily.)

And then it happened.
The wall.
The weekend of food.
The shift in my mood.

Jolted from my “Yes! I am doing it!”
By the lovely scale on Monday morning.

Why do I weigh every morning?!
I know I shouldn’t but I want to see the progress so badly.

Pounds. Several pounds jumped onto my body.

What the…?!!!!
That many?!!!

Suddenly I was angry and frustrated and depressed.
It shouldn’t be this difficult.
I shouldn’t have to worry about every single bite I take.

I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) which basically is a hormone problem where my body doesn’t use insulin the way it should.
It revolves around my fertility (or lack of).
Many many women suffer from this.
I take Metformin to help with the insulin issue.

PCOS is bad because you have a slight chance of actually ovulating.
Bonus side effect (among many)- you can gain weight or have a very hard time getting rid of it.
Which I must say, I have found true.

Side note- great website for support and information:

So…I was reveling in self pity.
Why?! I should be down like 10 pounds!
Big fat tears rolling down my cheeks when I remember my twin sent us a book that she loved.

The Gabriel Method
By Jon Gabriel.

After sharing my woes with Brian,
And being properly consoled,
I picked up the book and started reading.

Jon’s story was very compelling and instantly I had to read more.
He had gained lots of weight and was over 400 pounds when he started researching like mad!
He lost over 220 pounds with no surgery and no diet.
He has no signs of being overweight.

So of course I am intrigued.
I have never heard of his theory before and I hadn’t heard it put the way he has described why we get “fat.”

I really don’t want to do any injustice here to his method, so I would just recommend you read his story or go to his site.

I will tell you there is the fact that you must add nutrition in, but he would never say to give up anything.

There is a lot of visualization prompted with c.d.’s if you would like.
There is one right before bed to help you imagine yourself with your ideal body- whatever that may be.
I find it goes along with project positive and you will get positive.

See it and you will achieve it.

But the meat of it speaks on why you gained weight and helps you get to the heart of the issues so that you may resolve these.

So far,
It was what I needed, when I needed it.

I will continue to challenge my nutrition and work out 5-6 times a week.
But now I will
Add visualization.

Lesson I learned so far this week,
Stay focused on the positive.
Focus and see the weight gone.
It will happen!


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