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“It Starts With One”

on March 8, 2013


Be warned,
This movie is hard to watch.
Gut wrenching.
And it will impact you!

This is a must see!
Not only for children, but for the parents and teachers and administration.
Not only that but for all of us,
So that we may pick up the slack left by so many adults.

The lives of 3 children, victims of bullies, are followed.

You watch helplessly as they are called names, hit, choked (yes choked), made fun of, and hurt over and over.

Tears streamed down my face as I felt my heart wanting to reach out to each one of these children.

Two families shared the stories of their sons who each took their own life after years of torment.

One family had consistently had meetings with teachers and administrators.
All of whom reacted as if this was a “boys will be boys” attitude.
They were left feeling helpless.
And obviously their son felt it deeply.
To the point where death looked better than facing another day in school.

Nothing was done to protect these kids.

You watch as one of the bullied boys, Alex, is confronted by his father in a way that is infuriating.
He is harshly telling him to just stand up for himself.
He puts all of the responsibility on Alex.
No comfort.
No compassion.
No reasonable discussion on what to do.

His mother blames Alex.
You see him shut down.
He doesn’t know what to say.
You see his defeat.
No reassurance that he is a great person.
No hug.
No understanding.
Just blame.

The production went to the parents and showed them the video of the bus ride where boys were choking Alex!
(The bus driver never saying or doing a thing.)
The parents didn’t change their attitude toward Alex,
They now had another person to blame- the school.
The assistant principal reacts absurdly idiotic!
She doesn’t seem to have an iota of knowledge when it comes to dealing with bullies.
“This does happen on buses.”
The parents felt as if she “politianed” them.
I can’t describe this lady adequately,
You must see this.
I hope she was fired after this show has aired.

Another girl is being bullied because she is gay,
And is not only being made fun of by kids but the teachers say amazingly harsh things to her.
The parents said they would move, but she doesn’t want to.
She has some supportive friends and a hope for a better tomorrow.

What is amazing to me is her light.
She has this charisma that draws you in.

I just want to tell these children
(And any being bullied)
One day this very thing that makes you different,
God will use in a big way to do something great.
What draws some people to you today in a negative way,
Will one day draw so many others in a positive light.
You have a spark.
A magnet that is beautiful and powerful.
One day this will be recognized by all around you.
You may be their boss or be onto even bigger things.
You are special- in a good way.
Sometimes others just don’t know what to do with that.
Some adults may look the other way,
Some think they are being helpful but are actually causing more pain,
Some try but get nowhere with the system that has failed to protect you.
We are all human.
This is their wake up call.
You are not alone.
It may feel that way now, but there are others just like you. Waiting for acceptance.

You can make a difference.
Share this movie with all around you.

Pass on the word.
Take a stand.

Here are some links for you to
Help guide your actions.
Provide support.
Give ideas of how to make a difference.
Lead your community in education and bully awareness.

The Bully Project

Speak Up

No Bull Challenge

Love Is Louder

Not In Our School

Even as an adult,
You may still be feeling the effects of childhood bullying.
This is your chance to do something.

I don’t have a story of being bullied,
But it doesn’t mean I can’t feel compassion.
I don’t have children,
But it doesn’t mean I can’t be involved.

So many problems come from victims having no safe place.
We are the problem, if not part of the solution.

There are schools out there acknowledging this and providing support systems.
There are teachers looking out for victims.
But more schools need to get on board.
See the problem.
Take the blinders off.
Have a victim support group.
Teach the students how to stand up for each other.
Take bullying seriously.

At the end of the film you watch as the boys’ families ( that are left with an empty seat at dinner and at Christmas and an empty bedroom),
Lead community wide rally’s.

There is hope.
We can teach our children how to step up and provide support if you see another being picked on.
To give that child hope.
To provide the voice that is silenced by emotional and physical abuse.

Spread the word.
Get involved and watch this film.

It starts with one.



11 responses to ““It Starts With One”

  1. willowdot21 says:

    I was bullied at school and even after all these years it all comes flooding back! Here is how I saw it ! and this one too . I commend you for bring this to people’s attention.

    • yomicfit says:

      Thanks for sharing !
      You are brave & strong-
      I know you are a great inspiration and hope for all those victims of bullies.
      The fact that you are here to share in people’s pain and can truly give comfort because you were there –
      that is encouragement.
      I hope that you are able to take part in some activity that will not only help give YOU a voice, but may aide in healing your hurts and others.
      I pray for healing for you and all the victims.


  2. sagedoyle says:

    Trying to like this but the like switch won’t work, my end I think. Anyway, this is very powerful, great work.

  3. sagedoyle says:

    Ah the like worked now, I just had to prove myself I guess 😉

    • yomicfit says:

      Thank you so much! I have problems sometimes as well with the buttons. Persistence pays off:) I just really want everyone to pass on the message of the movie- to stand up and make a difference. Thanks again!

      Sincerely, Michelle

  4. vision5d2012 says:

    Thank you Michelle for shining your Light of Awareness on this topic so all of us to shine our lights with you. Bullying is another aspect of violence that humanity is reconciling at this time. What is done to one is done to all. What is healed in one is healed in all. I loved your message to victims of bullying that what you are attacked for today will prove to be a great strength in the future. How TRUE! Our uniqueness is God’s gift to us and His World. I appreciated the stance of the young woman who did not want to move away because she had support from her friends. We are moving beyond violence, although it may take time to realize this. Right now all the ugly heads of violence are raising their heads, so we can see them and take the steps to heal both the victims and the perpetrators. We are all ONE. Much love, Alia

  5. fciprian2013 says:

    Such a powerful write up! I included it in my blog for tomorrow, 4/4. Thanks for the message, Here’s the link:

  6. Ryan Brooks says:

    Sounds like a good, but heavy, movie. I still haven’t been able to convince myself to watch Terry Pratchett’s Choosing to Die because I know I’ll weep like a baby. Cheers for the recommend tho.

    • yomicfit says:

      Yes, very good but beware- tears will spring up when you least expect them. I was also not sure if I could do it, But felt it necessary. Thank you for reading and hopefully passing on the messages of the film- Which is really about education, awareness and no tolerance for the mistreatment of anyone.

      Sincerely, Michelle

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