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The Art Of It All

on March 14, 2013



So here I am again, folks, slacking on my thanks.

Not that I don’t recognize people, places and things to be thankful for during the day, 

but I haven’t shared them lately with you and that means I didn’t write them down.

This week seems to be all about the beauty of art.

I love paintings and lithographs and sculptures and in the big scheme of things architecture and plays and music of all sorts.

So…it started out actually last weekend.

 132. We had our “daughter” Precious with us again, as my friend was in Chicago.

We just love her and enjoy the activity and energy a teen brings to our home.

We had a zumba night on her first night.

I find dance artistic and creative and freeing.

Much like painting.

133.  We had such a great time laughing and moving and trying to learn what seemed like hundreds of moves. 

Did I mention sweating?  Because we were dripping!

We then came home and were catching up on American Idol, 

a show both Precious and I love to watch.

134.  Finally someone to talk about the contestants with!

What does that say about me, that I can only find a teen to discuss a show I love?

Unfortunately I was a bad “mom” and didn’t keep track of the time.

I kept her up too late, ugh.  I felt so bad the next day when dropping her off at school.

I did get up and make her breakfast though.  (Am I trying to make myself feel better or what?)

Oh well, on the positive side of that, we had fun and I am not really her mom so I can do that.

135.  Precious and I went to a retreat at church on Saturday. It was a good reflective day for us both.

We were involved in creating a fantastic poem and enjoyed some amazing witnesses and testimonies of God’s healing love.

Honestly I was a little worried that the day may seem a bit boring for Precious, 

but she actually had a nice time and was so mature.

Anything reflective seems a little artsy to me, and the whole day kind of tapped into my spirit that craves inspiration.

136.  We then enjoyed a nice dinner out at my favorite Italian restaurant.

It was nice to sit and chat and just be.

We were tired from the busy schedule, but were determined to go to a movie after we ate.

137.  We went to see “Safe Haven”, the Nicholas Sparks book/movie.

I loved it!  I actually devoured the book.

The book was fast and suspenseful and had me jumping.

The movie was not able to carry out the same feeling to me, 

but it was still an exciting film.

138.  On Monday, I went to this ladies house where art had exploded throughout the house.  It felt like a museum where I could spend days looking at each piece.

Most of the art is religious in nature.

All beautifully done.

Here are some photos.







There were different sculptures and every piece of furniture had a unique twist.

It was a visual feast.







139.  I was able to attend a play that Precious drama class was performing.

This was a moment of pride and wonder.  These students did all of the writing and acting and created a program and the props.

It was cleverly done.



140.  Last night was another wine and art class.

I absolutely love these!  My friend Staci joined me in this adventure.

We have a great time together but it’s not always easy finding time with crazy schedules.



This time we worked on some veggies.

So many techniques, so little time.

Here is my progression:



(Turned Sideways so I can get to each side easier.)



Looks a little messy, but I promise it gets better.



So, I make a huge mess as I work.

Lots of plates full of paint, splattered colors on my fingers and balled up paper towels.

But…it is so much fun.

Plus she turned on Pandora to the “Jack Johnson” station,

which really hit my creative nerve just right.



And finally,

drumroll please 



I am pretty happy with this.

I mean it started out a blank canvas.

It’s not show quality, but it is a reflection of techniques and my vision for this work.

What is amazing is that in a class of 8, 

each person’s painting looked so different than the others.

A mirror perhaps of the artist in some way.

Maybe next week will be about sound,

but I have been saturated it seems in visual stimulation this week 

and I couldn’t be happier about that!


2 responses to “The Art Of It All

  1. vision5d2012 says:

    Wow! What a week! That house with all the art is something else! A bit crowded for my taste but everything is well placed and tastefully done. Your piece came out great. Keep goin’, Alia

  2. thisismelly says:

    Aren’t you a talented lady! Love your artwork! xx

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